STC, an international leader in speech technology, and TPU discuss cooperation prospects

Representatives of the Speech Technology Center (STC) visited Tomsk Polytechnic University in the framework of the U-NOVUS – 2019 and discussed cooperation areas between the company and the University. For example, STC cases can be used for training and research of TPU students, while the experts of the company can be involved to ensure better work of the dissertation councils of the University. 


Photo: at the workshop Development of Voice-Activated Assistant.

STC is a group of IT companies that develops systems for multimodal biometrics, speech recognition and synthesis, multichannel recording, and processing and analysis of audio-video information. The company is an international leader in speech technology. STC solutions are sold in more than 75 countries. In Russia, its technologies and products are applied by Sberbank, Gazprombank, VTB, Vympelcom, Rostelecom, Russian Railways, etc.

STC representatives came to Tomsk to participate in the U-NOVUS forum. Together with Gazprombank they ran a workshop Development of Voice-Activated Assistant. The teams including one from TPU were creating a model of a voice-activated digital assistant. The workshop was arranged at TPU. Alexey Polyakov, Chief R&D Officer at STC Group, and Dmitry Byletsky, project manager, participated in the working meeting. During the event, an educational and research ST model adopted at TPU was presented to the guests.

TPU Deputy Vice-Rector for Science and Research Roman Ostvald said:

‘We have a mutual interest in terms of the application of STC practical cases for education and research of masters and PhD students. We have certain developments that were presented by TPU Vice-Rector for Digital Affairs Aleksandr Fadeev.

They could help us to ‘bring down to earth’ research of young scientists, change their focus from theoretical advancements to practical tasks. In addition, students will solve specific practical cases promising for the industry as a whole, receive assistance from experts in further implementation of solutions.’

Another option for cooperation between TPU and STC could be the involvement of company’s experts in assessing and taking decisions on conferring scientific degrees in the TPU dissertation councils.

The company also has a number of educational projects: speech technology for inclusive education, technology for e-learning, a biometric technology that would allow combining a university campus into a single ecosystem, and many others.

‘This research, in my opinion, can be interesting both for TPU and the entire university community of Tomsk. It is great that the updated format of the U-NOVUS forum makes it possible not only to gather Russian IT companies that are world’s technological leaders but also give students and young researchers a unique opportunity to solve practical cases, to understand how the industry currently develops, and what they will deal with in the future. Today IT industry has the tremendous pace of development, new technologies in this area not only significantly change the world around us but also make changes in the landscape of global business, allow companies to make breakthroughs and ensure leadership on the global technology markets,’

said Roman Ostvald.