TPU graduate students hired by RSC Energia

Rocket Space Corporation Energia recruited first graduates from the network master’s program Technologies of Space Materials Science. This is a joint program of the corporation and Tomsk Polytechnic University on training engineer elite for the space industry. 

Photo: credit to RSC Energia.

The program Technologies of Space Materials Science was launched on the basis of TPU and RSC Energia in 2017. The unique program is implemented involving experts from the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Sciences of SB RAS and specialists from PJSC RSC Energia. During two years of the master’s program, the students gain a wide range of knowledge in design, engineering, strength analysis dynamic modeling, production technology, non-destructive testing and acquire practical skills as designers and technologists.

Svetlana Sorokova, program supervisor, Associate Professor from the Division of Materials Science of the School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies says:

‘The students spent their first year of the program at Tomsk Polytechnic University, the second year was their internship at RSC Energia. According to the results of the internship, TPU students were offered to sign educational contracts and during the second year of study, they were on research internship and studied at the corporation. TPU part of the curriculum was delivered via distant learning. The preparation of diplomas was combined with work at Energia’s divisions. 

The master’s theses developed by the graduates are practical-oriented, devoted to advanced materials for various components and parts of spacecraft, solar panels, new design solutions in the aerospace industry including specific recommendations for implementation in the industry. For example, two works are related to the reusable manned spacecraft Federation.’

The State Attestation Commission included leading experts from RSC Energia, scientists from the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS and TPU experts. The members of the commission from Tomsk participated in the defense via a video conference. Five graduate students defended their theses successfully and got jobs in the corporation.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, 20 people are expected to enroll to the network master's program Technologies of Space Materials Science.

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