Representatives of Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency commence studies at TPU

Lecturers of TPU School of Nuclear Science & Engineering started training 13 employees of the Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency. The training is implemented within the framework of the Rosatom State Corporation project for the erection of the Center for Nuclear Research and Technology (CNNT) in El-Alto (Bolivia). The present course was designed for providing knowledge and skills for the safe operation of the Multi-Purpose Irradiation Center - one of the CNNT objects.

It is worth noting, that TPU is one of the major partner-universities of Rosatom State Corporation. The training will be implemented in English until this October.

“The course curriculum includes fundamentals of nuclear physics, radiation protection and safety, and physical and chemical analysis methods. Additionally, the students will study technical terminology in English, Spanish, and Russian”,

— says Vera Verkhoturova, Head of the training program for operational staff of the Multi-Purpose Irradiation Center. 

It should be added that Bolivia and the Rosatom Corporation signed an agreement on the construction of the Center for Nuclear Research and Technology in El-Alto on September 19, 2017, at the 61st session of the General Conference of the IAEA in Vienna. The construction site for the Center, selected by the Bolivian party, is the highest (4,000 meters above sea level) in the world on which nuclear technology utilization facilities have ever been built.

The Center will be equipped with a nuclear research facility, based on a water-cooled reactor with a rated power of 200 kW, the Multi-Purpose Irradiation Center, based on an industrial gamma facility, a cyclotron-radiopharmaceutical complex, engineering structures, and various research laboratories. It will ensure widespread application of radiation technologies in agriculture, medicine, industry, and other important areas of humankind activities.

From the Russian side, the State Specialized Planning Institute, a part of the managerial loop of JSC Rusatom Overseas will participate in the construction.  JSC Rusatom Overseas is a company within the Rosatom Corporation Group, responsible for the international promotion of an integrated supply of projects for the construction of nuclear high and low power plants and CNST.