TPU student speaks about internship in Germany

Every year, students of Tomsk Polytechnic University undergo internship in other countries. This year, Victor Marchenko, who studies chemical technology of modern energy materials at the TPU School of Nuclear Technology, had the internship in Germany at Philipps Marburg University. It was there, where Mikhail Lomonosov, the founder of the first Russian university, and the recognized poet Boris Pasternak studied. He told TPU News Office about his internship.

During the internship, Victor was a member of the inorganic chemistry research group of Professor Florian Kraus. For five weeks, he was studying the alternative synthesizing new fluorine compounds.

“My task was to test the possibility of synthesizing double alkali metal fluorides, double silver fluorides with platinoids, and prove the previously obtained results on the synthesis of a new compound. I think that the internship made me a more competent specialist in my field,”  - Victor says.

Also, Victor took a short course in crystallography and learned how to operate the equipment designed for the synthesis of compounds in a vacuum.

“In my free time, I walked around the city and visited local sights. Interestingly, our famous compatriot Lomonosov studied at the University of Marburg for several years, ” - the student shares.

Victor notes that it is a current practice at the Marburg University when each student is given his own compound for synthesis, methods for its analysis and personal days for working together with a laboratory employee.

“I think this is a very good practice,” says Victor. “During my internship, I met a lot of interesting people, improve my communication and teamwork skills, and also learned a lot of useful information about the structure of German science.”