Five TPU PhD students win P.L.U.S. scholarships for research abroad

Tomsk Polytechnic University finalized a competition of the P.L.U.S. scholarship for PhD students. This scholarship is allocated by the university for research in major global scientific and educational organizations. This year, five young TPU scientists will go to universities in China, Portugal, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Israel.

Photo: Dalian University of Technology /

According to the TPU Scientific Career Center, the scholarship committee was guided by the following criteria: the young scientist should have a draft program of academic mobility, an invitation from a host country, no academic backlog, and a valid passport. The internship lasts from three to six months.

Artyom Prima, a PhD student of the School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, received funding for his research at Dalian University of Technology (China). Vladislav Matveyevskaya, a PhD student of the same school, will go to the University of Lisbon (Portugal). Anna Lipovka from the Research School of Chemistry & Applied Biomedical Sciences will undergo an internship at the Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany). The University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague (Czech Republic) is waiting for Elizaveta Naumkina from the School of Earth Sciences & Engineering and Anastasia Novikova, a graduate student of the School of Non-Destructive Testing, will go to the Ben Gurion University (Israel).

Artyom Prima says that his research, conducted under the supervision of Alexander Pushkarev, professor of the Division for Material Sciences, is dedicated to a topical problem of thermal imaging diagnostics of fast radiation defects.

“TPU is actively cooperating with the Dalian University of Technology,” says Artem. “In 2018, I have already been at this research and educational center twice.” I am glad that I succeeded to win the P.L.U.S. scholarship; a six-month internship will help in my studies. There are many things to do, I need to conduct several experiments and collect statistics. Currently, China is funding science quite well, and as a result, they have advanced equipment and many joint projects with scientists from different countries.

The internship is not only a job but an opportunity to work in an international team, which is a great and useful experience.

It is interesting to learn about the approach of international researchers to the same things - it can be completely different, ” Artyom notes .