International Forum on Strategic Technology (IFOST) to bring together scientists from 11 countries at TPU

October 14-17, 14th International Forum on Strategic Technology (IFOST 2019) will be held at Tomsk Polytechnic University. It is one of the largest event in the area of innovation technologies and advanced engineering solutions.

TPU has already hosted IFOST in 2008 and 2012.

The forum opening ceremony was held this Monday, October 14, at 09:30 in the concert hall of the TPU International Cultural Center (Usova St., 13c).

“IFOST is a technical forum for research engineers from all around the world, one of the largest annual events in the field of innovative technologies and advanced engineering solutions, has been held annually since 2006.

This year it brings together more than 200 participants from 11 countries: Russia, Germany, China, Korea, Mongolia, France, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and others.

The forum main goal is to promote multi-level cooperation between the consortium participants and other leading international organizations” – Roman Ostwald says, the Deputy Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, the Head of the Division of Postgraduate Studies.

The IFOST university consortium includes six representatives: Tomsk Polytechnic University, Ulsan University (South Korea), Mongolian University of Science and Technology (Mongolia), Chemnitz Technical University (Germany), Harbin University of Science and Technology (China), and Novosibirsk State Technical University (Russia).

"The participation of the university-organizers in the forum is important for us since IFOST is one of the most successful venues connecting the countries of the Asian region with Russia and European countries,” the Deputy Vice-Rector says.

The forum covers a wide range of topics: new materials and nanotechnologies, information and communication technologies, mechanics, robotics and automation, energy and renewable energy sources, applied engineering and management, high-energy physics, chemistry, biotechnology, and other innovative areas.

IFOST core purposes are to both expand knowledge in the field of strategic technologies and exchange the research experience between countries, and develop international collaborations and interdisciplinary projects. Also, a feature of this year will be a separate youth competition - Global Capstone Design, a presentation of youth inventive creativity. As a part of this competition, young research teams from Korea and Russia will present their projects aimed at inventive solutions.

The detailed information about the forum program you can find here.


IFOST has been held annually since 2006. It is the successor to the 8th Russian-Korean International Symposium on Science and Technology (KORUS), which was established in 1994 by three universities: Ulsan University (Korea), Tomsk Polytechnic, and Novosibirsk State Technical.