31 TPU students receive Presidential and Government scholarships

Among the holders of the RF Presidential Scholarships, there are four students and seven PhD students of Tomsk Polytechnic University. Also, 13 students and 7 PhD students will be provided with the Scholarships of the Russian Government. Throughout the academic year, the students will receive this financial support in addition to the university scholarship.

Photo: a scholarship-holder Semen Gornitsky

Among the winners, there are students of the Engineering School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, the School of Energy & Power Engineering, the School of Core Engineering Education, the School of Computer Science & Robotics, the School of Nuclear Science & Engineering, the School of Engineering Entrepreneurship, the Yurga Institute of Technology, and the Research School of Chemistry & Applied Biomedical Sciences. Students of the School of Earth Sciences & Engineering won most of the scholarships.

For instance, Ksenia Batishcheva, a PhD student at the School of Energy & Power Engineering and a holder of the presidential scholarship, studies the processes at the liquid-gas-solid interface. She has already received the government and Tomsk city scholarships, and the enhanced scholarship for research achievements.

“Any scholarship for my scientific achievements is an indicator of my development and the fact that I have chosen the right profession,” 

— Ksenia notes.

Evgeny Terentyev, another scholarship holder, says that he worked on the development of robotic lawnmowers during his Bachelor studying. He graduated from the program cum laude and currently studies at a Master's program at the School of Earth Sciences & Engineering.

“Currently I study automation in the petroleum industry. In particular, my research deals with the analysis of the Introscan A2072 robotic flaw detector,” Evgeny says.

Over the years of study, he has already received the government scholarship, scholarship of the TPU Alumni Association, and the Tomsk city scholarship. In 2017, he won the All-Russian Umnik contest in Skolkovo. Speaking of which, this September, he sent the final report on the grant implementation. Since the third year, Evgeny has won competitions for the enhanced scholarship For Achievements in Research Activities. Currently, along with the presidential scholarship, he has scholarships from the city administration Young Innovators and PJSC Transneft.

Konstantin Ponomarev, a PhD student at the School of Energy & Power Engineering, who also won the presidential scholarship, works on physical modeling of spatial heat and mass transfer in thermosiphon systems for ensuring the thermal regime of energy-saturated equipment. He has received the scholarships from the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, and the TPU Alumni Association.

“There are many scholarship contests at Tomsk Polytechnic University, each of them is worth participating since any financial support for students and graduate students motivates them to continue their studies in the chosen directions.

The experimental and theoretical studies conducted at our university are relevant and in-demand among the scientific community, so I believe that receiving honorary scholarships is an opportunity to prove myself, my professional knowledge, and skills, ”

— Konstantin says.

Semen Gornitsky, a PhD student at the School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, is another winner of the Government scholarship. His research interests are related to the development of new biodegradable polymer-based composite materials. This is a promising area for medicine. For instance, these materials can be used to manufacture implants capable to be gradually replaced with human tissues, or targeted drug delivery systems which provide the significant effectiveness of the drug, and in some cases prevent the side effects.

Next year, Semen is going to defend his PhD thesis.

“The PhD degree will enable me to participate in solid grant competitions, for instance, the Russian Science Foundation. During my undergraduate studies, I received my first scholarship from R-Pharm. I also was a winner of the Government scholarship last year. Perhaps this is the advantage of participating in such competitions because upon the application for a new scholarship, you indicate the competitions which you won before, ” Semyon says.

The Presidential and Government scholarships of the Russian Federation are the one-year additional funding for students and PhD students. They are provided for achievements in academic and research activities.