TPU graduate: how to create one of the best IT companies in the city

Enbisys, one of the leading IT companies in Tomsk, is headed by Dmitry Bubnov, graduate of Tomsk Polytechnic University. In 2004, he finished TPU with a major in Optimization of Control Systems, and in 2006, he founded his own company engaged in software development for medicine, education, and telecommunications. He talked to TPU Press Office about the demand for Tomsk programmers and important skills for students.


— Is university knowledge enough to start a business?

— The university provides a foundation to help you move on and, most importantly, it teaches you to search for the missing knowledge. Unfortunately, the university sometimes fails to give hands-on experience. When I was a student, I had the chance to gain experience working as a programmer in commercial projects. It somewhat helped to get away with a lack of experience. However, you need real practice and it is necessary to distinguish between experience of commercial work and in-the-university practice (laboratory work and practice). The best option is to undergo an internship in an IT company.

Фото: Дмитрий Бубнов

— What teachers and subjects influenced you and your future?

— I would point out two subjects which gave me fundamental knowledge: economics, about which I did not know anything before the university, and system analysis. They helped me develop my systemic mindset. The other key subject was mathematics. In business management, these three subjects have proven to be very important. However, I believe that students should additionally work on self-development: search for information, read books, and start working as soon as possible.

— What should IT graduates know about the market?

— In the first place, you need to know what you want to do in years to come. Nowadays nobody asks this foolish question at interviews Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? It is a shame since it is very important. Secondly, take a look at Tomsk companies and go to work there as soon as you can. Some companies offer internships for sophomores, we do for juniors.

— What type of students are you interested in?

—We value a number of skills. First of all, basic knowledge. If they have it, we are ready to teach them the rest. The second thing has to do with values, which every company has. Our values include three things: teamwork, a drive for continuous improvement, and a focus on customer needs. The students should be attentive and not lose touch with reality, they should not let ambitions blind them. We tend to evaluate them by these characteristics and if all the pieces fall into place, we are glad to take on such candidates.


— What specialists are in high demand in IT now?

— Experienced professionals are always sought-after. Speaking of students, it is machine learning, data science, medical technology, and marketing. These skills are in great demand in Tomsk.

— Are Tomsk IT specialists in demand in Russia and abroad?

— They surely are. There is a large outflow of specialists from Tomsk to Moscow and abroad. For example, my groupmates work in the USA, UK, and Qatar and are very valued there.


Enbisys is one of the Russian leaders in IT consulting. It develops custom software and creates original IT products for healthcare, education, telecommunications, and communications. One of the company products is Plario, the first Russian adaptive math-learning system. It is a resident of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical and Innovative Type. The staff includes about 60 employees.