Over 100 TPU specialists to create a new university development strategy

The development program of Tomsk Polytechnic University will be designed with broad participation of the university staff. The core working group includes 20 representatives of the rector's office, heads of scientific schools, divisions, and laboratories.

“The strategy will be designed in several steps. Currently, we have assembled a core: schools, institutes, and key divisions. The members of this working group will be rotated as necessary since it is important to form a holistic vision shared by the whole TPU staff.

We will work out the main goals, tasks and ideas by March, then external experts will join the process,” Andrei Yakovlev, TPU First Vice-Rector says.

Before the work started, the university had held meetings in the schools, where current problems and development prospects of each unit were discussed.

At staff meetings, it was decided to set up priority working groups on the issues of education, research, innovation, and transformation of managerial structure, which ensures the university effective operation, demanding the participation of various staff members.

“We are interested in involving as many university professionals as possible, carefully preserving their initiative, thoughts, vision, and highlighting the best ones. 

We will post and discuss the development comprehensive program for different groups. People should know and share the strategic goals and understand tasks,” Andrei Yakovlev says.

The program will be designed for 15 years. Additionally, the team will present a detailed plan for its implementation for the next five years. Furthermore, the strategy will become a basis for targeted programs in specific areas with KPI.

“We analyze the university current state, highlight key issues and critical trends in education, science, engineering in Russia and abroad. Nowadays, everything is developing dynamically and thereby being in trends is vital, so as not to stay on the sidelines,” Yuri Pokholkov, moderator of the working group on creation the university development program, head of the Research Center for Management and Technologies in Higher Education, says.

Ideas for the strategy can be sent to the working group email: idea@tpu.ru.

The first version of the university development program will be presented in May.