Students From All Over Russia to Be Able to Work on TPU Unique VR Reactor

Tomsk Polytechnic University provides all Russian universities with a virtual copy of its research nuclear reactor, where students can practice reactor launch and study irradiating elements in its core, Alexander Fadeev, Vice-Rector for Digital Affairs, informed.

Студенты вузов России смогут работать на уникальном VR-реакторе ТПУ

Reactor in your computer

TPU created a virtual copy of its research nuclear reactor. Students can work in this laboratory, prepare the reactor for launch, and study irradiating elements in its core using VR.

“The first demo task is available on our site. Anyone can download it and try to inspect the real reactor. With the release of the Chernobyl TV mini-series, the popularity of our virtual rector increased dramatically. We are ready to provide a full free version to Russian universities. They only need to contact us,” the vice-rector says.

He underlines that this virtual laboratory runs on a regular computer and on a computer with VR devices: virtual reality headset, joysticks, and controllers.

Most of the virtual laboratories were basically designed for 1- and 2-year students. “They can use these laboratories to get acquainted with the equipment installed, safety precautions, etc. and make the first laboratory work in a virtual environment. This makes their adaptation to real installations easier by almost seven times.”

TPU has created about 220 laboratory facilities. During the work in a virtual laboratory, students will be able to keep notes that will be checked by teachers. Furthermore, a course supervisor will be able to credit part of the student work performed at a virtual laboratory.

In addition, TPU has virtual laboratories for senior students. The largest one is the virtual laboratory of the TPU geology polygon in Khakassia.

TPU research nuclear reactor

The TPU research reactor is the only operating university nuclear reactor in Russia. It was launched in 1967 and has since been repeatedly modernized. Over the past 10 years, over 650 million rubles have been allocated to modernize its scientific and technological equipment.

As specified on the TPU website, the reactor is a unique educational platform. Annually 430 students study here. They obtain practical skills to manage a nuclear power plant, provide physical protection for nuclear facilities, nuclear and radiation safety.

Moreover, it is the only Russian reactor that provides training to international citizens. They prepare to work at nuclear facilities in their countries. Since 2015, students from Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, India, China, Tanzania, Brazil, Zambia, Iran, and Vietnam have been trained here.

The reactor carries out promising research in environmental management, materials science, and nuclear medicine. TPU is one of the leading Russian centers in the development and production of radiopharmaceuticals – medicines containing radioisotopes.

For instance, the reactor was used to obtain technetium-99m. Furthermore, it is the only place in Russian where scarce radioactive phosphorus-32 is produced.

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