Project Teams Meet at TPU to Design a World-Class Research and Education Center in Tomsk

The TPU international cultural center hosted a meeting of teamsengaged in designing the INO Tomsk, the world-class Research and Education Center (REC) in Agrobioecotechnology, Paleozoic, Development of Competencies, and New Materials.


“We are sumbitting documents fora tender to establish a world-class REC in the Tomsk region. Within this program, the interdisciplinary advanced teams of academic and business representatives develop integrative projects. We should resolve the vital issue: to reform the region research complex and pool the resources available. TPU both provides the teams with a venue and supervises the project, as well as heads several areas within it,”

Lyudmila Ogorodova, the deputy governor of the Tomsk region for research and educational complex, says.

The priority projects of the future center include  petroleum engineering, new chemistry, advanced medicine, agrobiotechnology, new materials, information technology, microelectronics, AI, and 5G testing areas.

The participants also discussed Agrobioecotechnology, which includes Agrobiotech and Ecotechnology projects. The projects are jointly implemented by Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk State University, Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture and Peat, Institute of Petroleum Chemistry SB RAS, and other organizations.

Agrobiotech and Ecotechnology are historically interrelated through the teams and technical solutions and complement each other in many ways. The former one is related to the technologies focused on solving agricultural problems, where the task is to develop a center of excellence including a center for biotechnological engineering and a center for genomic selection. Environmental engineering involves the development of testing sites to test technological solutions such as cleaning and reclamation of agricultural land and agricultural waste processing ”,

Alexey Sazonov, a member of the interdisciplinary team and an adviser of the TSU administration, says.

As a part of the Science national project, at least 15 world-class SECs should be created until 2024 based on the integration of universities, research institutions and enterprises in the real sector of economy. Tomsk entered the list of 20 cities with appropriate conditions for REC foundation. In 2020, the city will participate in the competitive selection. The Tomsk Research and Education Center will specialize in the implementation of the national projects Science, Education, International Cooperation and Export, Digital Economy, and Labor Productivity and Employment Support.