TPU Becomes Coordinator of CLUSTER Associate Partners

Tomsk Polytechnic University was appointed a Coordinator of the Associate Partners Work Group in the Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research (CLUSTER). The work group will develop cooperation between countries and facilitate exchange of best educational practices.

“TPU has been expanding its participation in the association over the past three years. As one of the Consortium associate partners, we were proposed by the Secretariat to become a Coordinator of the new work group. TPU was appointed at the association General Assembly held in early April,” Svetlana Rybushkina, head of the Office of International Programs, says.

Since 2005 Tomsk Polytechnic University has been the first and only Russian university in the Consortium. The Associate Partners include TPU, Polytechnic School of Montreal (Canada), University of São Paulo (Brazil), and Tsinghua University (China). The Work Group will focus on strengthening cooperation, popularization of educational practices, and the search for new ways of cooperation.

“Our idea is to set up a group where members act as access points to their countries to strengthen cooperation between Europe and other regions. Moreover, the participants will be a kind of ambassadors of their national leading educational practices in Europe and vice versa.

For instance, TPU will present Russian education to European technical universities. Undoubtedly, it is a mutually beneficial process,” Svetlana explains.

The group members will inform students about the advantages they can receive from the membership of their university in the Consortium. For instance, there is a special framework of academic mobility, general agreement on the development of double degree programs, the Sino-European Engineering Education Platform, which develops new forms of graduate programs, summer schools, seminars, and much more.


CLUSTER includes 12 engineering universities in Europe and associate members from around the world. This is a geographically distributed European organization with about 3,000 professors, 11,000 teachers, 14,000 PhD students, and more than 140,000 students.

Its goal is to expand cooperation between students, teachers and administrative staff of the Consortium universities, including assistance in developing joint educational programs and implementing research projects.

As a CLUSTER member, TPU runs a number of projects. The E4T / Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystems in Engineering and Technology project is one of them. It is aimed at creating entrepreneurial educational ecosystems in science and technology.

Currently, TPU is working on the development and implementation of an introduction and adaptation system for international students as part of the Erasmus + project “InComm: Feel at Home. Integrating International and National Communities”.