TPU Increases Funding for Advanced Research Projects of Polytechnics

Tomsk Polytechnic University launched a competition of promising research projects for 2020. The winners will be supported by the TPU Competitiveness Enhancement Program. The total amount of the allocated funds is 135 million roubles. The deadline is May, 7.

“TPU holds the competition for the third time and this year there are a number of new features introduced. Firstly, the total amount of funding has increased. It is 135 million this year, compared with 80-100 million roubles in previous ones. This allows us to support more projects. Secondly, unlike previous years when the research teams offered project topics, this time there are eight thematic sections provided. This system is used in the federal target program competitions.

Each of the sections covers the strategic direction of the TPU scientific development. Those were selected after a detailed analysis of scientometric indicators of our teams based on scientific trends, the existing research background and taking into account the subject areas of the Tomsk Region Scientific and Educational Center, ”

Mekhman Yusubov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations, says.

These sections include the development and use of the Arctic and Antarctic, space technology and materials science, advanced chemical technologies, personalized medicine, deep oil refining, and hard-to-recover reserves. These areas stimulate interdisciplinary scientific cooperation between TPU schools. The approved list of the subject areas related to each section is introduced in the competition terms.

“The sections were not formed for certain TPU schools. Moreover, this year the competition will be held as a part of the academic excellence program. This program considers both scientific achievements and contributions to the development of national and regional priorities and economies,”

the Vice-Rector underlines.

Each application will be considered by two experts, a researcher of Tomsk Polytechnic and a third-party specialist of an R&D center. The results will be announced after May, 20.

According to the competition terms, each project team includes up to ten participants and at least the half of them to be under 39. Moreover, the teams should engage Russian and foreign specialists with PhD and I-Hirsch over 5.

The winners will be financed for one year. The amount of support for one project is 4 – 6 million roubles. The requested sum initially declared by the participants can be changed based on the recommendations of experts.


The application for the competition is submitted by the project manager through the SOUD (electronic document management system) as an administrative note to the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation. A copy of the application to be sent to the email