Partners of Big Tomsk University Create a Single E-Learning Platform and Prepare for Admissions

The Tomsk Consortium of Research and Educational Organizations has approved a work plan for the Big Tomsk University project, which was presented by Viktor Dyomin, Deputy Chair of the Consortium Council, Acting Rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University, and Lilia Kiryanova, Project Development Director.

The plan includes sections in Education, Joint Infrastructure, Research Projects, Positioning, University-City, Personnel, and Export of Education. It covers the period until July 1 and will be adjusted depending on the current state of affairs, including changes in the epidemiological situation.

The Education section will define an inter-university system of advanced training for teachers and launch interdisciplinary educational programs and modules for undergraduates and graduate students.

“The universities have already submitted their proposals, including those for graduate and postgraduate programs they would like to develop together. The format of collaboration is currently being discussed. It could be a program of one university with built-in modules of partners or mutual exchange of modules and courses for similar programs.

We expect to launch up to ten joint master programs and a module for PhD students in the new academic year,” Deputy Chair says.

Another joint project is a single e-learning platform. To do this, a catalog of online educational resources of Tomsk universities has been put together. The partners will give each other access to these resources for free (initially, for use as teaching materials).

“The single platform will provide students of all Tomsk universities with e-courses. The courses made in the LMS Moodle system, are ready for mass use, we are now discussing the procedures and rules,” TPU Acting Rector notes.

The Single Infrastructure includes a unified identification system of students and staff on campus, unified library borrower’s cards and access to library resources, and access to social, cultural and sports facilities. The Research Projects covers the development of joint research programs, schools for young researchers, and the creation of a biomedicine and biotechnology center. Together, the partners will promote the Big Tomsk University in Russia and abroad, develop Tomsk as a university city, and attract experts and international students.   

In addition, project participants have discussed an intermediate final qualification in the online format and facilitation of student employment during the restrictions associated with the coronavirus infection.


The Big Tomsk University brings together Tomsk universities and academic institutions. Within its framework, the participants preserve their legal autonomy. The association will promote major interdisciplinary projects, provide students with access to interdisciplinary academic programs, and strengthen the position of the Tomsk Region as a leader in the education export and advanced technologies. The Big Tomsk University is expected to become a single entry point into the region for companies that wish to create new technologies and look for new knowledge. Joint initiatives of member-organizations of the Big Tomsk University are approved by the Board of the Tomsk Consortium.