Russian Language Olympiad for International Students to be Held Online at TPU

For the first time, the regional round of the olympiad in Russian as a foreign language will be held online at Tomsk Polytechnic University. It is going bring together international students from 12 countries.

“This year the regional olympiad will be held online.

At the same time, the geography of participants breaks all records. There are students from China, Yemen, Maldives, Vietnam, Mongolia, Poland, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Germany, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, and Zimbabwe.

It is the first time for over ten years we have got participants from so many countries,” Irina Salosina, associate professor of the TPU Division for Russian Language, says.

The olympiad is organized into two stages that are intra-university and regional. 156 international students will participate in the first stage. Teams, including up to ten people, will compete for the victory. The organizers received more than 30 applications from TPU, TSU, TSPU, and TSUAB.

“The active involvement into this event is no coincidence. Students' interest in self-realization and communication has increased. Therefore, even the online format, which is new for this event, is not a barrier for them. The topic for this year is Our Universities and this is also very symbolic. Today it is very important to understand that the university is people. Teachers, students, staff, their thoughts, ideas, and emotions, despite the fact that the communication format has changed,” Irina explains.

The current olympiad stage will be held on May 15. Participants will have to take tests in vocabulary, grammar, and listening and carry out a creative task, which is to write a mini-essay on a fragment of a feature film.

“The olympiad is both a competition in vocabulary and grammar of the Russian language and an opportunity for participants to discover their creative potential. A part of the tasks requires students to be resourceful and make non-conventional decisions,” the head of the division comments.