TPU in the Top 10 Best Universities by the RAEX National Ranking

The RAEX ranking agency (RAEX-Analytics) has issued the ninth annual ranking of the RAEX-100 best Russian universities. Tomsk Polytechnic University has again made it to the top 10.

The ranking is based on surveys of over 60 thousand representatives of academic and research communities, students, graduates, and employers. The final list includes educational institutions across Russia.

TPU has ranked ninth in the ranking, gaining 4.1194 points. In addition, TPU is the only university outside the capital presented in the top ten.

Along with TPU, the Top 10 list includes Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, National Research Nuclear University, St. Petersburg State University, and others.

Furthermore, TPU has reached the eighth position by Quality of Education, which is based on a number of indicators, such as Quality of Teaching, International Integration, Resource Support, and Popularity among Applicants. In addition, TPU has reached the tenth position by Research Activities. This section is based on Scientific Achievements, Innovative Activity, and Research Infrastructure.

Along with this, TPU is 14th by graduate employability. The ranking takes into account such indicators as Cooperation with Employers and Graduate Career Quality.

Superjob, a job website, also has issued a ranking of national universities by salaries of young IT specialists. TPU occupies the 13th position. Employers are reported to offer about 100 thousand rubles to TPU IT graduates.


The RAEX-100 ranking is an integrated assessment of training quality, including quantitative parameters of university educational and research activities and qualitative characteristics, reflecting opinion of key reference groups such as employers, representatives of academic and scientific communities, students, and graduates. The study is based on statistics from university surveys, scientometric indicators, and information from open sources. The ranking does not include sports and art universities as well as universities of law enforcement agencies. In addition, the RAEX-100 does not cover university branches.