About 600 TPU Students and Graduates Successfully Defended their Diploma Projects Online

In Tomsk Polytechnic University, 579 polytechnics have already successfully defended their graduate qualification papers online. On average, it is about 20 qualification papers per day.

The State Qualification Committee have already certified 383 bachelors, 17 specialists, 49 masters, and 130 PhDs. The latter have to pass the state final certification, including the state exam in the form of a research and pedagogical project and the submission of a scientific report on the results of their thesis.

Electronic courses have been developed for about 300 groups of graduates. It provides the opportunity to carry out defenses in webinar mode. Each student has got a full package of e-documents including the admission to defense, reviews, thesis presentations, and others. In addition, these e-packages include the defense schedule. A hard copy of this schedule used to be posted in the university building, but now it is available just online.

At the beginning of the defense, a student should confirm their identity showing their ID and demonstrate their room of location via the camera. Then, theycan proceed to defense. They can also display a presentation and additional visual materials for the commission members, who ask him questions at the end of the presentation.

“There are about 20 online defenses per day at TPU. This is almost the same as in normal mode. The main peak was on June 16-17. We can say that the developed defense scheme works well. We were afraid that the possible technical faults could cause defense reschedules. However, the number of reschedules slightly differs from the ones in normal mode,” Mikhail Soloviev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, says.

Based on the results of the defense, the commission discuss and assess the results by voting. After that, students get the results announced in the webinar room.