TPU Expert Says How to See Planetary Alignment in Tomsk

Andrey Kolomeytsev, Assistant of the TPU Division for Electronic Engineering, spoke about the alignment of the planets and whether it could be seen in Tomsk.

A complete appulse begins on Saturday, July 4. This is a rare event when all the planets of the solar system line up on one side of the Sun.

 “Three planets line up twice a year, four planets once a year, five once appear even every 19 years. However, the complete alignment occurs once about every 170 years,” Andrei Kolomeytsev explains.

At the beginning of July, in the Tomsk Region, it is too light to observe the rare astronomical phenomenon. The sun stay above the horizon is very shortand the moon also reflects the light.

“The alignment of planets will be quite low above the horizon which complicates the observation. You need a wide-open space or a high place with the open horizon. The perfect time to observe the phenomenon is July 4, 3 AM - 5 AM,”

the expert says.

Unlike the solar and lunar eclipse, the allignment can be observed for two weeks. To find the best time and place for the observation, there are online services to simulate the night sky.