TPU Improves Innovation and Entrepreneurship Positions in the National University Rankings

The Interfax international information group has presented the National University Ranking, 2020. Tomsk Polytechnic University retained the eighth position at the top list. At the same time, it has improved its position taking 5th place in Innovations and Technological Entrepreneurship and become the best non-capital university.

Experts evaluated 337 Russian universities, including 98 classical universities, 105 technical and engineering ones, and specialized higher educational institutions. Universities were assessed on six indicators, such as Education, Research, Socialization (social environment), Internationalization (international collaboration), Brand, and Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship.

For instance, TPU ranked the ninth in the country in research activities, the 13th in socialization, the seventh in international cooperation, and the fifth in technological entrepreneurship.

“TPU has created an ecosystem to support and develop startups. An end-to-end course in Entrepreneurship is included in the curriculum for all students.

Since 2017, TPU graduates can present their graduation projects as startups and thereby receive the feedback from experts and in some cases from mentors for further project development and prospects for attracting investment. This year 48 students successfully presented their qualification works in the form of startups,” Andrey Yakovlev, TPU Acting Rector, says.

Competitions are an important element of the TPU entrepreneurial ecosystem. One of them is 10K Ideas for Life, the annual competition for student startups of the TPU School of Engineering Entrepreneurship. All participants undergo special training such as workshops in finance, marketing, teamwork, and project presentation. The winners receive 300 thousand rubles for the development of their projects. The University also holds a competition of student projects jointly with Gazprombank. The winner receives up to 200 thousand rubles. All projects-winners will be supported by the TPU B51 startup support ecosystem and are supervised by the School of Engineering Entrepreneurship until the moment of receiving investments or the first sales.