TPU to Produce 10,000 Washable Masks for Students by September 1

TPU School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies has planned to launch 10,000 washable face coverings for students by September 1.

Photo: production precess

Masks are produced from neoprene by TPU Laboratory for Laser Technology. They are cut out from canvas using laser engravers.

“Students learn to work with laser technologies at the laboratory that provides all necessary equipment. In particular, it houses engravers that can cut and engrave on non-metallic materials, like leather, wood, and paper. We only needed to purchase suitable material and come up with appropriate mask design. The main advantage of this material is that its edges do not need additional processing or stitching after cutting out,” Nikita Vtorushin, a laboratory engineer, says.

One 70x40 cm canvas, corresponding to the working area of a laser engraver, is enough for eight masks. It takes only 100 seconds to make them. About 2,000 masks can be produced per day. In total, the laboratory purchased material for 100,000 masks.

“We make face coverings of two sizes. We expect to produce 10,000 masks by September 1,”

 the engineer notes.

Students, accommodating in university resident halls, can get face coverings from the dormitory administrators, and those who live off-campus – in the TPU Student Support Center (United Dean’s Office).

Students will be informed about time and place, where they can receive masks, through their personal account.

In addition, the university has made markings in the buildings, which will navigate students between classrooms. There are temperature control posts at the entrances; over 130 infrared thermometers have been purchased. Furthermore, the university purchased mobile ultraviolet air purifiers for classrooms, over 22 thousand washable face coverings, and 93 thousand disposable gloves. Hand sanitizers are available in classrooms and at entrances to buildings. The university facilities are being intensively cleaned with disinfectants.