University Leader Expresses his Greetings on the 70th Anniversary of TPU Physical and Technical Academic School

Andrey Yakovlev, TPU Acting Rector, expresses his greetings to students, teaching and administrative staff on the anniversary of TPU physical and technical academic school.

“Dear friends, colleagues, and like-minded fellows! I congratulate you on the 70th anniversary of the TPU Faculty of Physics and Technology, the pride of the university!

The Faculty of Physics and Technology was established at Tomsk Polytechnic Institute in 1950 to train highly qualified specialists for nuclear facilities in Siberia and cutting edge R&D projects for the promising industry.

The faculty has trained over 12,000 professionals for seventy years. There are heads of ministries and divisions, CEOs of large state corporations, companies, academicians, and rectors of universities. The engineering and administrative staff of the nuclear industry in Russia and neighboring countries is largely staffed with specialists trained at the faculty. For some period, TPU graduates headed all ten nuclear power plants in the Soviet Union!

TPU is the only university in the Asian part of Russia that trains specialists for the nuclear industry in all basic branches, from the extraction of uranium raw materials to the processing of spent nuclear fuel. TPU is one of the flagship universities of Rosatom state corporation and the leading world center in radiation physics, engineering, and technology. The university operates the only nuclear research reactor in Russia with a unique set of accelerator technology. Carefully preserving the traditions of our predecessors, we are actively developing the atomic project, which has made our country the world’s foremost power.

Dear TPU students, teachers, alumni, and partners! Everyone for whom the faculty and Tomsk Polytechnic University is in the heart forever!

With all my heart, I wish you further achievements, excellence in educational and research activities, new breakthrough technologies, and outstanding victories! I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity!"

Acting rector Andrey A. Yakovlev