TPU and the oldest Hungarian University to Cooperate in International Nuclear Education

Tomsk Polytechnic University with the support of the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the University of Debrecen (UD). They will cooperate in staff training for the nuclear power sector and academic exchange of students and teachers.

The signing ceremony was held online. TPU was represented by Acting Rector Andrey Yakovlev and UD by Rector Zoltán Szilvássy. In addition, representatives of Rosatom State Corporation and the Rusatom-International Network private institution participated in the event.

“I believe the internationalization of education, the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as the academic mobility are the force for progress in the modern world. 

TPU cooperates with many leading European universities. The University of Debrecen is both the oldest university in Hungary and as we are, one of the leading higher education institutions in its country. UD is the first Hungarian university to partner TPU.

Our universities share the same values. I hope that this meeting will be the first step towards successful and fruitful cooperation in nuclear education,” Andrey Yakovlev says. 

The cooperation within the memorandum will help create and develop a system of academic mobility for students and teaching staff, and provide the opportunity to receive practical skills at the TPU research nuclear reactor.

“The priority goal of the University of Debrecen is cooperation in education, research, and innovation with leading international institutions. This is proved by the agreement with Tomsk Polytechnic University, one of the world's leading institutes in the training of nuclear specialists.

We hope that our cooperation will be long and fruitful,” Zoltán Szilvássy says.

The TPU system of international nuclear education to train staff from the partner-countries of the Rosatom State Corporation has been developed since 2015. It is based on a range of Master's and PhD programs and advanced training programs for nuclear sector personnel, including nuclear science and technology centers.

In 2018, the TPU Division for Nuclear-Fuel Cycle with the support of the Rosatom signed the agreement with the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities on the joint English Master's program in Nuclear Science and Technology. The council was represented by the largest Egyptian universities, such as Ain Shams University, Cairo University, and Alexandria University.

The Master's program in Nuclear Science and Technology is implemented in three areas: Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Medicine, and Nuclear Safety and Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Materials. International students are trained in nuclear medicine and nuclear power plants and practice at the operating TPU research reactor, in medical laboratories of the Siberian State Medical University, and at the radiological canyon of the Tomsk Regional Oncology Center. This is one of the main competitive advantages of TPU international nuclear educational programs.