International Students Test Knowledge of Russian at TPU Competition

The TPU Division for Russian Language is announcing a start of the intramural stage of the “It is Time to Study Russian” academic competition on Russian as a Foreign Language. Its goal is to enhance the interest of international students to study the Russian language and culture, as well as to give an opportunity to show their knowledge and talent in this field.

This year, students and attendees from 29 countries are taking part in the competition: Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Poland, Senegal, Maldives, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Congo, Ghana and many others.

“The competition tasks are designed in such a way not only to test the knowledge of Russian lexis and grammar, but also to introduce Russian culture and traditions to the participants. Annually, we change the topic of the competition, this year, it is devoted to sport in our life,” Evgenia Sherina, the TPU Head of Division for Russian Language, says.

The academic competition includes two stages: university and regional. The first stage of the competition is held at all universities of Tomsk, where international students study. The students, who successfully pass the first stage, take part in the second one, a regional stage that is held at TPU. The participants traditionally compete in the individual and team competitions in the TPU International Culture Center: they complete tasks on lexis and grammar of the Russian language, present creative performances about their universities.

“In 2021, the regional stage of the competition will be held online. The topic of the event “The World without Borders” is very symbolic and relevant these days. The challenging 2020 has showed us that no closed borders can interfere if there is a desire to study and communicate, a desire to learn Russian, to experience the culture of the other country, to search for and find like-minded people,” Evgenia Sherina adds.