Tomsk Guides to Tell about TPU History and Mysteries

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary, Tomsk Polytechnic University invites Tomsk citizens and guests of the city to join free TPU. Engineers. Stories walking tours. The staff of the TPU Museum Complex and the famous Tomsk tour guides will tell about the history and architecture of the old campus, students’ life and outstanding professors.

The walking tours will be led from May 11 to 31. The duration of each tour is about 90 minutes. To join a walking tour, it is required to register by phone 8 (3822) 70-56-71. The registration is available from Monday to Friday, from 08.30 to 17.45.

The schedule of the walking tours is available on the website.

A guide Elena Erofeeva will tell Tomsk citizens about TPU and its people. Participants will know about the inventions and fortunes of the famous TPU scientists: Vladimir Obruchev, Efim Zubshev, Pavel Gudkov, Boris Weinberg, Nikolay Semenov, Nikolay Kamov, Nikolay Nikitin, the Sulakshins and others.

“Since the moment of the foundation, TPU has attracted brilliant specialists and students. Somebody stayed in Tomsk, somebody left after some time, but TPU became a life-changing choice for everyone at a certain stage of life,” the organizers say.

A TPU graduate and explorer of architecture and history Artyom Drozdov invites to the Walk around TPU: Walled up Catacombs walking tour (7+).

The old buildings keep a lot of mysteries and puzzles. For instance, Engineering Department building No.4 had a basement floor, from that now only windows at a depth of three meters under the ground and dead-end underground pedestrian galleries remain. Artyom Drozdov will show the remains of the old thermal power station and mysterious gasworks that is located in the territory of Tomsk Vakhrushev Electromechanical Plant (TEMZ) nowadays.

European Quarter: Past and Present is a walking tour led by Daria Pavlova. The European Quarter is a territory in downtown Tomsk, where the building complex of former Tomsk Technological Institute appeared in the early XX century. During the walk, Daria Pavlova will tell about the history and architecture of the old university buildings and will suggest participants compare how the quarter look has changed during 125 years.

Ekaterina Kirsanova will lead the Intimate TPU: about Private Life of the Big University walking tour. She will tell how and where TPU professors and students lived in the early XX century and how their houses were set up.

The staff of the TPU Museum Complex Vadim Lobanov, Svetlana Grigorieva will share the stories about the construction of the historic university campus, a part of that became federal or regional landmarks. Participants of the European Quarter walking tour will know who designed the TPU main building, Physical and Chemical Department buildings, as well as will know who headed the construction and what innovations were used.

The number of participants is limited. All the walking tours will be led in strict compliance with anti-epidemic restrictions.