New Sports Ground Opens on TPU Campus on 125th Anniversary

A new sports ground has been opened on the TPU campus on the 125th anniversary of TPU. There were played friendly football matches among students, staff members and university graduates.

The new sports ground is located on the TPU campus next to the residence halls (18a Pirogov Street). Mikhail Solovyov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, greeted the sportsmen and fans.

“TPU is not only studying, research, a future career but also unlimited opportunities for active and sports life. No wonder, here at TPU, outstanding sportsmen began their life’s journeys. These days, TPU students and staff members take part and win competitions of all levels: from city championships to European and world ones. A new sports ground is a wonderful gift on the university’s anniversary. May it be more physical training, more brave goals and victories!” he said.

The representative teams of students, staff members and university graduates took part in the friendly football matches. They played two matches, each of them included two half-times per 10 minutes. The competition was held according to the futsal rules. The student representative team won the match, while the graduate representative took the 3d position.

Victor Rulevsky, Rector of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio-Electronics, played for the team of TPU graduates.

“Since my childhood, I have been involved in a great atmosphere of football and team games with a ball. During my study at university, I was engaged in this kind of sport, took an active part in competitions. I express my congratulations to TPU on the transformation of this sports ground. Due to the artificial turf, both youth and professional sportsmen can play on this sports ground. I wish all members of the TPU community success and new victories,” Victor Rulevsky said.

There was awarded a penalty kick in the final of the friendly matches. Maksat Smagulov, Senior Trainer of the TPU Division for Physical Education and Ivan Shanenkov, Associate Professor of the TPU Division for Power and Electrical Engineering, became the leaders of the championship. Roman Tabakaev, Research Fellow of the TPU Butakov Research Center, was recognized as the best goalkeeper.