TPU Screens Films Based on Works of Vladimir Obruchev and Alexander Kazantsev

The TPU Museum Complex is screening films for all interested people in May. Tomsk citizens are invited to watch films about researchers, scientists and engineers. Among these films are The Sannikov Land and Planet of Storms based on the works of the TPU graduates.

Photo: A shot from Planet of Storms

The film screenings will be held in the multimedia classroom of the TPU History Museum (321 Classroom, the 3d floor, the TPU main building, 30 Lenin Avenue) on Tuesday and Thursday at 18.30 in strict compliance with anti-epidemic restrictions. The number of seats is limited. To watch a film, it is required to register by phone 8 (3822) 70-56-71.

“The first film screening will be held on May 11 and will be coincided with the celebration of the 125th anniversary that TPU is celebrating in the Year of Science and Technology announced by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. We invite members of the TPU community, Tomsk citizens and guests of the city to watch The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015), a biographical drama. The film with Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel starring tells about the short life of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a self-taught Indian mathematician (1887-1920). To join, it is required to register by phone 34-32-30,” the staff of the TPU Museum Complex says.

Schedule of film screenings:

13 May — Deepwater Horizon (2016), a disaster film based on real events.

18 May — The Sannikov Land (1972-1973), an adventure film based on the 1924 novel of the same name by Vladimir Obruchev.

20 May — Engineer Kochin’s Error (1939), a detective film.

25 May — Planet of Storms (1961), a Soviet science-fiction film based on the story by a TPU graduate Alexander Kazantsev, who took part in writing the film’s scenario. Some episodes of Star Wars.

27 May — Interstellar (2014), an epic science fiction film by Christopher Nolan.

“The 2021 anniversary year for TPU is announced the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. All the films are somehow related to discoveries, development of technologies: space exploration, aviation, ecology and the petroleum industry. All these fields are actively developed at TPU. Moreover, two films: The Sannikov Land and Planet of Storms are based on the works by Vladimir Obruchev and Alexander Kazantsev, members of the TPU community. Kazantsev also took part in writing a scenario for Planet of Storms that became a kind of manual for Hollywood directors shooting science fiction films. For instance, George Lucas, a director of Star Wars adopted a series of visual and technical techniques and after used them in his space saga,” the organizers note.