Enrollees from 46 Countries Submit Applications to TPU

This year, enrollees from 46 countries including Russia, countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and far abroad countries submitted their applications to study at Tomsk Polytechnic University. In total, there were 1,884 applications submitted from international students. Dmitry Sednev, Acting Rector of TPU, told about the work with international students and preparedness of the university to accept international freshmen on the campus at the round table arranged by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.

In total, there were 11,058 applications submitted at TPU during this summer. Among international enrollees, there were applications submitted by the citizens of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Botswana, Vietnam, Egypt, Zimbabwe, India, Indonesia, Iran, Cameroon, China, Laos, Mongolia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Ecuador, Paraguay and other countries.

“There is a traditionally high number of international students at TPU. Among 11,000 students, approximately 27% of them are international ones. There are many students from far abroad countries. The same with Russian students, we try to work in close cooperation with the industry sector for international students. There is a pool of international educational programs in Nuclear Engineering at TPU. Since 2015, the university has successfully trained staff for Rosatom projects in overseas countries. These students are very engaged and motivated as they realize that they study to work further at a real workplace. Moreover, this workplace is considered to be very good and prestigious,” Dmitry Sednev, Acting Rector of TPU stated.

According to him, TPU is willing to accept new international students on the campus who made a decision to come at the beginning of an academic year.

“We perfectly realize that a part of students cannot come to Russia and is remaining in their home countries. For those students, we are willing to offer all our tools for the distance learning mode.

During the last year, there was hard work conducted in this area. Minimum five-year development of the digital environment of the university preceded the COVID-19 times. Those students, coming to study face-to-face, will be provided with rooms in residence halls. There are strict rules and regulations on check-in in residence halls,” Dmitry Sednev said.

He emphasized that for check-in in residence halls and visiting university buildings, there is no required compulsory vaccination for both Russian and international students. At the same time, the university is working on the question of vaccination against COVID-19 by international students. Russian students can undergo vaccination in the Vaccine Center of the TPU Center for Disease Control and Prevention.