Russian Science Foundation grants over 150M rubles to TPU projects

This is the largest support ever allocated to scientists and teams from TPU, and the best result among Tomsk-based universities.

Defect level evaluation for magnetic ceramics

TPU scientists propose a phenomenological expression for evaluating defect level of magnetic ceramics.

RFSR supports the creation of database of combustible materials of coniferous forests

The young scientist investigates how thermophysical and thermokinetic characteristics of forest combustible materials impact extinguishing liquid mixture in the case of brush-wood fires.

TPU scientists develop a robotic greenhouse for the Arctic

TPU developments phytotrons, ceramic emitters, spectroscopic studies, automated control systems will be combined within a robotic greenhouse for extreme operating conditions.

Metal ions might improve bioactive properties of bone implants, a study of TPU and Romanian scientists reports

This is done by adding active metals i.e. magnesium, strontium, zirconium to hydroxyapatite, and silver ions are used to make coating antibacterial.

Scientific Reports includes a TPU article in top 100 publications

According to the editors of Scientific Reports, in 2017 the journal published nearly 700 research articles devoted to plant science.

Romanian scientists to lecture on nuclear safety and biodiversity conservation on the Earth

Romanian scientists will hold four open lectures in English.

TPU researchers will design an alternative voltage suppressor technology

This spring, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) supported 31 projects of TPU scientists following the results of the My First Grant competition for young researchers. Yuliya Shanenkova, an...

Professor from Australia to talk about targeted drug delivery

Professor from Australia will deliver an open lecture about different aspects of targeted drug delivery in the human body.

Spherical particles ensure better resolution of materials not transmitting light

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University jointly with colleagues from Bangor University (United Kingdom) proposed a method to improve the resolution of optical microscopes operating in the reflection mode, i.e. visualizing...

Sulfur compounds for astrochemistry and astrobiology studied by TPU scientists

The fundamental properties of sulfur compounds molecules, their structure, and internal dynamics are studied by TPU scientists jointly with German and Ukrainian colleagues.

A ‘fingerprinting’ technology for containers with nuclear materials and wastes

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University proposed a technology to monitor access to containers with nuclear materials and wastes.

A tunable laser to enable bioimaging within an ultra-wide spectral range

Researchers from Tomsk Polytechnic University presented a novel technology for widely tunable and highly stable ultrafast fiber lasers.

A more affordable drug for neuroendocrine tumors diagnostics passing preclinical tests

A radiopharmaceutical based on technetium will pass preclinical tests by the end of 2018, reported by TPU scientists at the press conference.

TPU awards grants to 20 promising research projects

TPU Program on Competitiveness Enhancement will support 20 promising research projects.

Scientists Set to Boost Microscopes’ Magnifying Power

The resolution and intensity of powerful nanoscopes could be enhanced by over 30% via non-spherical particle lenses.

Plasma modification improves materials for vascular tissue engineering

TPU researchers have developed plasma modification of the surface of biodegradable polymer scaffolds out of polycaprolacton based on which new organs and tissues are grown.

Water treatment through droplets exploding

A novel thermal method could reduce the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment and save a lot of power expenses required for water purification.

Researchers invent a way to protect underwater pipes

Scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University have proven the effectiveness of phased antenna arrays to detect leaks in underwater pipelines.