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Tomsk Polytechnic University trains specialists in digitalization of high-tech industries

A new Master degree program in Cyber-Physical Automation of High-Tech Processes and Productions was launched at TPU. Since November 2018, the university will begin to train specialists in the field of...
27 July

The university researchers propose new catalysts based on silver nanoparticles for more ecological and efficient oxidation of alcohols

These new catalysts based on silver nanoparticles will allow making the process of alcohol oxidation more ecological and cost-effective, comparing with more traditional high-temperature gas-phase oxid...
26 July

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University search for a method to produce green fuels, sorbents and construction materials from both local peat, bran, straw and cedar shells

Roman Tabakaev research team, including both students and PhD students, as well as the university staff members, was supported for four years for developing resource-efficient technologies of biomass...
25 July

A student of Tomsk Polytechnic University Dmitry Zhurman becomes the best athlete of the Finswimming World Championships

Belgrade (Serbia) held the 20th Finswimming World Championship that brought together athletes from 38 countries. Dmitry Zhurman, a student of the School of Computer Science & Robotics, became the best...
24 July

System engineers for IT: where and how TPU trains them

TPU offers a Master degree program in Information Systems and Technologies.
23 July

TPU graduate plants the university flag on the highest mountain of Europe

Pavel Kryuchkov, the graduate of Tomsk Polytechnic University, ascended Elbrus, the highest peak of Europe.
20 July

TPU researchers develop a unique method for measuring optical properties of nanostructures

Raul Rodriguez, the Professor of the Research School of Chemistry & Applied Biomedical Sciences is developing a unique method for measuring optical absorption of material in different ranges of visibl...
19 July

TPU becomes one of the world best technical universities by Academic Ranking of World Universities

The ARWU has published its ranking report Global Ranking of Academic Subjects. Currently, the ARWU is one of the top world university rankings along with the Times Higher Education World University R...
18 July

TPU become an academy of Huawei

Tomsk Polytechnic University and the world telecommunications giant Huawei signed an agreement on assigning the status of the Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy to the university.
17 July

CyberTPU: the University is Going Digital

Alexander Fadeev, the former Head of the Center for Digital Education, became a new Vice-Rector for Digital Environment. We asked him about the development of the university digital environment, the g...
16 July

Russia’s largest orthopedic center tests biodegradable implants developed at TPU

A master student from Tomsk Polytechnic University Gleb Dubinenko is practicing at Ilizarov Center. He brought some samples of implants developed at the University to test.
13 July

TPU scientists develop a model for prediction and identification of precious metals in coal

TPU researchers have already a unique geochemical database of over 10,000 high-quality analyses of coals and coal-bearing rocks.
12 July

An international double PhD program in telecommunication connects TPU and Portugal

PhD students will be experienced in working at laboratories of both countries and get opportunities to apply for European and Russian funding.
11 July

A novel biodegradable material for medicine, stimulating the growth of living cells

TPU researchers combined two polymers - a biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate and piezoleltric polyaniline.
10 July

Members of BRICS Network University discuss joint programs for clean water specialists

The representatives of BRICS and the members of the Network University discussed the expansion of cooperation in the field of education and science.
09 July

Winners of Physical Battle for internships at world’s leading research centers

The Research School of High Energy Physics ran the Physical Battle for its future master and PhD students.
06 July

Russian Science Foundation grants over 150M rubles to TPU projects

This is the largest support ever allocated to scientists and teams from TPU, and the best result among Tomsk-based universities.
05 July

Over 200 international students graduate from TPU in 2018

The School of Core Engineering Education is the School to educate most international students of Tomsk Polytechnic University.
04 July

TPU evolution

Essential things to know about Tomsk Polytechnic University from its establishment to the present.
03 July

TPU spin-off develops an intelligent steering system for KAMAZ unmanned vehicles

Tomsk scientists designed an electric drive based on own development, i.e. a universal Ac-Servo-200 servo controller.
03 July

Defect level evaluation for magnetic ceramics

TPU scientists propose a phenomenological expression for evaluating defect level of magnetic ceramics.
02 July

Elite’s institution: Forbes Russia ranks TPU 12th among Russian universities

The editors of the rating sought to evaluate the quality of Russian education and identify what universities produce young people with entrepreneurship sense.
29 June

Over 600 graduates with honors receive medals on solemn rector's reception

Among graduates with honors'18, there are 122 bachelors, 25 specialists, and 495 masters.
28 June

British defense of DD master projects

Graduate students from the DD master program jointly run by TPU and Heriot-Watt University (UK) defended their group research projects devoted to oil production.
27 June