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International big data workshop at TPU for Finnish and Russian students

The training is organized for students, which are pursuing such programs as sustainable urban development, mechanical engineering, technology of transport processes and urban development.
28 April

TPU awards grants to 20 promising research projects

TPU Program on Competitiveness Enhancement will support 20 promising research projects.
27 April

Scientists Set to Boost Microscopes’ Magnifying Power

The resolution and intensity of powerful nanoscopes could be enhanced by over 30% via non-spherical particle lenses.
26 April

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to hold Career Day at TPU

The event will be of the most interest for bachelor students (the third and fourth year of study) and master students of programs related to IT, electronics, optical engineering, instrument making etc...
25 April

TPU fellows teach mathematics, physics and mechanics in China

Shenyang Ligong University students also took part in the Total Dictation and the TruD tests organized by TPU representatives.
24 April

Director for International Affairs of CERN: large physics needs engineers

Participants discussed the progress and prospects of mega-science projects in Russia and abroad.
23 April

A silent disco, quests in the book depository and quizzes: Biblionight at TPU

Biblionight will reveal for readers that libraries have long ceased to be just book depositories.
20 April

Plasma modification improves materials for vascular tissue engineering

TPU researchers have developed plasma modification of the surface of biodegradable polymer scaffolds out of polycaprolacton based on which new organs and tissues are grown.
19 April

Water treatment through droplets exploding

A novel thermal method could reduce the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment and save a lot of power expenses required for water purification.
18 April

Researchers invent a way to protect underwater pipes

Scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University have proven the effectiveness of phased antenna arrays to detect leaks in underwater pipelines.
17 April

Cited Scientists: March 2018

According to the TPU Publication Activity Development Office, 45 articles with high IF were registered on the server and 42 articles were published in the Q1 and Q2 journals.
16 April

TPU and CERN to hold Trans-Siberian School on High Energy Physics

The School will host about a hundred of participants from Siberian universities and representatives of CERN.
13 April

Polymer nanocarpets to electrify smart fabrics

TPU researchers have developed a versatile method of graphene modification for flexible electronics applications.
13 April