Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University search for a method to produce green fuels, sorbents and construction materials from both local peat, bran, straw and cedar shells

Roman Tabakaev research team, including both students and PhD students, as well as the university staff members, was supported for four years for developing resource-efficient technologies of biomass...
25 July 2018

Russian Science Foundation grants over 150M rubles to TPU projects

This is the largest support ever allocated to scientists and teams from TPU, and the best result among Tomsk-based universities.
05 July 2018

TPU scientists develop a robotic greenhouse for the Arctic

TPU developments phytotrons, ceramic emitters, spectroscopic studies, automated control systems will be combined within a robotic greenhouse for extreme operating conditions.
20 June 2018

TPU researchers will design an alternative voltage suppressor technology

This spring, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) supported 31 projects of TPU scientists following the results of the My First Grant competition for young researchers. Yuliya Shanenkova,...
29 May 2018

Sulfur compounds for astrochemistry and astrobiology studied by TPU scientists

The fundamental properties of sulfur compounds molecules, their structure, and internal dynamics are studied by TPU scientists jointly with German and Ukrainian colleagues.
21 May 2018

TPU awards grants to 20 promising research projects

TPU Program on Competitiveness Enhancement will support 20 promising research projects.
27 April 2018

Early-career researchers from TPU receive 31 grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) announced the winners of the competition for early-career scientists My First Grant. The foundation will support 31 young scientists from Tomsk Polytec...
28 March 2018

TPU faculty and students to receive grants and scholarships of Potanin Foundation

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation announced results of its scholarship and grant competitions. Twenty TPU graduate students received scholarships. Two TPU instructors won in the grant competition, they...
20 March 2018

TPU members receive President’s recognition for merits in the development of science and education

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin expressed his recognition for Merits in the Development of Science and Education, Training of Highly-Qualified Specialists, Long-Term Conscientio...
14 November 2017

Flue gas cleaning by electron accelerators

TPU project Plasma-Chemical Flue Gas Cleaning Using Pulsed Electron Beams has been recently supported by the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). The idea is to apply pulsed electronic beam to clean flue...
07 August 2017

British Petroleum offers scholarships and grants to TPU students and scientists

British Petroleum, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, has granted scholarships to ten master’s students and five PhD students of Tomsk Polytechnic University. The company al...
24 April 2017

Best Nonmetropolitan University in Russian Science Foundation Competition for Grants

The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) has selected the winners in the competition for funding of projects conducted by individual research teams in 2017 and for the extension of the projects supported...
03 April 2017

TPU Wins Grant for STEM Classes

The Intelligence Storage Center for Entertaining Science at Tomsk Polytechnic University won a grant of Gazpromneft-Vostok within a Social Investment Program Native Cities (‘Rodnye Goroda’...
29 March 2017

TPU Student to Investigate Storage Containers for Spent Nuclear Fuel in Germany

A graduate student from Tomsk Polytechnic University is investigating high-strength ductile iron to store spent nuclear fuel. This spring she is going to come to Germany to study carbon content &ndash...
10 February 2017

Beryllium Production Based on TPU Technology will be Launched In 2019

Tomsk Polytechnic University and «Rare Metals of Siberia» Scientific and Production Association completed the first stage of the project on the development of the first beryllium productio...
26 January 2017

TPU Spin-off to Produce Modified Birch Wood

In the suburb of the city of Tomsk an experimental industrial production of modified birch wood will be created by scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University. An own technology allows impregnating w...
21 December 2016