Prostheses Created with Use of TPU Scientists’ Technology Substitute Paws to Dog from Krasnodar

A stray dog called Monica from Krasnodar has been mounted unique paw prostheses, which substituted limbs to the animal. Doctors of the BEST veterinary hospital in Novosibirsk performed a surgery.
24 November 2021

TPU Scientists Find Method to Double Rate of Fracture Healing

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University were able to find a method to double the recovery rate of damaged bones. The scientists proposed to use implants produced using a 3D printer.
20 July 2021

Cat, who lost four paws, got titanium prostheses implanted, based on TPU technology

Cat Dymka (Mist) who lost her four paws due to frostbite got titanium prostheses replaced in Novosibirsk, reports. A unique operation was performed by the doctors of the BEST Veterinary Cl...
17 January 2020

A reactor for continuous synthesis could reduce the cost of biodegradable plastics production

This will be the world’s first large-scale continuous synthesis reactor suitable for industrial use to obtain high-quality production.
05 September 2019

A simple method to speed up the regeneration of damaged tissues of blood vessels and cartilage

The modified surface of implants allows speeding up tissue repair because cells better attach to the material, spread and grow into it.
18 April 2019

Scientists developed a technology for obtaining medical materials with antibacterial effect

Scaffolds with antibacterial drugs for implants will reduce the risk of rejection and infection.
24 January 2019

Implants developed at TPU for the Ilizarov system double the rate of bone lengthening in kids

The implant coating imitating bone composition make stem cells regenerate into bone tissue.
18 January 2019

A shelter dog first benefits a leg implant with TPU biocoating

TPU scientists applied a biocoating on the hind leg prosthesis which was successfully implanted by Novosibirsk veterinarians for the first time in Russia.
08 November 2018

First positive results of TPU implant tests announced in Ilizarov Orthopedic Center

Such implants allow treating patients within one surgery, i.e. there is no need to remove implants since they are already dissolved in the body.
30 August 2018

Materials for personalized medicine at polytrauma

Postdoc Anna Kozelskaya supervises a research team developed implant materials for patients with polytrauma.
27 August 2018

A novel biodegradable material for medicine, stimulating the growth of living cells

TPU researchers combined two polymers - a biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate and piezoleltric polyaniline.
10 July 2018

Paper published by TPU scientists cited in Materials Today with impact factor exceeding 21

The paper written by scientists from the Laboratory of Hybrid Biomaterials of TPU Department of Experimental Physics was cited in Materials Today journal with IF 21,695. A research team from Hong Kong...
28 August 2017

TPU Foot Implants Improve Life for Pets and Humans

Veterinaries successfully apply Tomsk Polytechnic University’s developments in implantology. Now titanium implants with bioactive coatings are already applied to treat pets at the BEST veterinar...
01 March 2017

Magnesium implants canceling double surgery of broken bones

A PhD. student from the TPU Institute of Physics and Technology is developing bioresorbable orthopedic implants based on magnesium alloys. Such implants are capable both to substitute damaged bones an...
13 January 2017