Science Game for youth teams to start on 7 April

Registration for the Science Game is open for participants from Russia and abroad until 6 April at
19 March

Petr Chubik: Be engineers of your destiny!

Petr Chubik congratulates TPU students on Student Day. 
25 January

Robots, mobile apps and electric generators created by first-year students

TPU freshmen defended their first design and research projects.
22 January

TPU becomes a leader among universities in Tomsk on UMNIK grants

TPU students win 10 out of 25 grants of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovation Enterprises in Tomsk Oblast.
17 January

Best TPU undergraduate and postgraduate students of 2018

What scientific achievements have the best TPU undergraduate and postgraduate students in 2018.
15 January

Winners of NTI Olympiad to go for internships at leading technology companies in Russia

Students will compete in the following categories: Aerospace Systems, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Smart Robotic Systems, Applied AI, Wireless Communications Technologies, and Smart City. 
11 January

New Year vacations in the campus

TPU students who stay in the campus during upcoming winter vacations will be able to spend them actively and intensively.
29 December 2018

Over 20 volunteer units appear in high schools of Tomsk Oblast with the support of TPU volunteers

TPU volunteers summed up activities within the project Young Volunteer.
21 December 2018

Experts from Russia and abroad to discuss how to boost youth technological startups

Universities, corporations, representatives of venture foundations, and authorities will meet at Tomsk Polytechnic University to share experience on technological entrepreneurship.
30 October 2018

TPU students design one of the top three best children’s construction kits in Russia

The construction kit received positive feedback from the representatives of the industry. As a result it was awarded the second place and invited to a pitch session for investors from the accelerator...
24 October 2018

International forum to elaborate recommendations for teaching entrepreneurship in Russian universities

Universities, corporations, and representatives of infrastructure and authorities will consolidate best practices in the organization and development of the student technological entrepreneurship.
19 October 2018

Scholarships for talented students engaged in biomedical studies

Students of bachelor, specialist, master and PhD programs supervised by the Research School of Chemistry & Applied Biomedical Studies are eligible for scholarships. Application deadline is 19 October...
15 October 2018

Huawei tests IT knowledge of Tomsk students

Students from the School of Computer Science & Robotics of Tomsk Polytechnic University became the winners and laureates of the quiz from a world’s leading telecom company Huawei.
26 September 2018

Healthy breakfast for TPU students

Throughout September TPU students will be able to start their day with a free and healthy breakfast.
29 August 2018

About 3,000 freshmen begin their studies at Tomsk Polytechnic University

Traditionally the new academic year at TPU starts on the last Monday of August.
27 August 2018

TPU students may assist UNI4CITY

UNI4CITY is a unique opportunity for students to gain new professional competencies aimed at the development of the university cities at the international event in Tomsk.
23 August 2018

TPU students study education and industry in China at the summer school of a leading Asian university

Artem Solomin and Roman Zateev, the students of the School of Computer Science and Robotics, participate in the Experiencing China Tsinghua Summer School 2018 of Tsinghua University. In Beijing, the s...
30 July 2018

TPU students represent Tomsk at the All-Russian stage of the Olympiad on Entrepreneurship and Management

Two students of Tomsk Polytechnic University won the first and prize position at the regional stage of the International Olympiad on Entrepreneurship and Management.
31 May 2018

Film screening, quests and guitar concerts for Victory Day at TPU

From 4 to 12 May a series of events devoted to the 73th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War are held in all student residences of Tomsk Polytechnic University.
07 May 2018

International big data workshop at TPU for Finnish and Russian students

The training is organized for students, which are pursuing such programs as sustainable urban development, mechanical engineering, technology of transport processes and urban development.
28 April 2018

Open competition for Previous Generations’ Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded to 17 students and one faculty. This year the scholarship has increased up to 24 thousand rubles for students and to 36 thousand rubles for faculty.
10 April 2018

Russia’s largest geology conference brings together over 1,200 young scientists at TPU

The symposium includes 19 sections which cover the most pressing issues and advances of paleontology, geochemistry, petroleum geology, development of oil and gas deposits, etc.
03 April 2018

TPU student to patent a silent alarm clock

The device programmed at a required time awakens a person without a sound or vibration.
02 April 2018

Three TPU teams to participate in the final of the OilCase championship

On 7 April, 10 best teams, which represent students from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tumen, Kazan, Ufa, Khanty-Mansiysk, Novosibirsk, and including three from TPU, will compete in the semifinal and fina...
30 March 2018

Venture agent to select TPU technology startups for investors

Tomsk Polytechnic University together with a spin-off Open Innovation Management Company is selecting technology startups for further ‘packing’ of projects and searching for venture invest...
29 March 2018