A novel biodegradable material for medicine, stimulating the growth of living cells

TPU researchers combined two polymers - a biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate and piezoleltric polyaniline.
10 July 2018

Members of BRICS Network University discuss joint programs for clean water specialists

The representatives of BRICS and the members of the Network University discussed the expansion of cooperation in the field of education and science.
09 July 2018

Winners of Physical Battle for internships at world’s leading research centers

The Research School of High Energy Physics ran the Physical Battle for its future master and PhD students.
06 July 2018

Russian Science Foundation grants over 150M rubles to TPU projects

This is the largest support ever allocated to scientists and teams from TPU, and the best result among Tomsk-based universities.
05 July 2018

TPU evolution

Essential things to know about Tomsk Polytechnic University from its establishment to the present.
03 July 2018

TPU spin-off develops an intelligent steering system for KAMAZ unmanned vehicles

Tomsk scientists designed an electric drive based on own development, i.e. a universal Ac-Servo-200 servo controller.
03 July 2018

Defect level evaluation for magnetic ceramics

TPU scientists propose a phenomenological expression for evaluating defect level of magnetic ceramics.
02 July 2018

Elite’s institution: Forbes Russia ranks TPU 12th among Russian universities

The editors of the rating sought to evaluate the quality of Russian education and identify what universities produce young people with entrepreneurship sense.
29 June 2018

British defense of DD master projects

Graduate students from the DD master program jointly run by TPU and Heriot-Watt University (UK) defended their group research projects devoted to oil production.
27 June 2018

RFSR supports the creation of database of combustible materials of coniferous forests

The young scientist investigates how thermophysical and thermokinetic characteristics of forest combustible materials impact extinguishing liquid mixture in the case of brush-wood fires.
26 June 2018

The first group of electrical engineers for aerospace industry graduated from TPU

The State Examination Commission marked five diploma projects which are of particular interest for the region and aerospace industry.
25 June 2018

TPU International Scientific Council discusses development of postgraduate programs

World-famous scientists gathered together to discuss the prospects of the University development and enhancement of postgraduate programs efficiency.
22 June 2018

Lean Summer School

TPU students will study basic principles, tools and the introduction cases of lean production in oil and gas sector and will apply knowledge obtained at the internship in Gazpromneft-Vostok.
21 June 2018

TPU scientists develop a robotic greenhouse for the Arctic

TPU developments phytotrons, ceramic emitters, spectroscopic studies, automated control systems will be combined within a robotic greenhouse for extreme operating conditions.
20 June 2018

IT, pharmaceuticals and industrial robotics to unite TPU and Shijiazhuang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

The city administration of Shijiazhuang and TPU signed an agreement on cooperation.
19 June 2018

E-learning Best Practice in Advanced Mathematics

Tomsk Polytechnic University has given an Advanced Mathematics Masterclass: Online Support of All Forms of Education for the faculty of TPU and other Russian universities.
18 June 2018

Metal ions might improve bioactive properties of bone implants, a study of TPU and Romanian scientists reports

This is done by adding active metals i.e. magnesium, strontium, zirconium to hydroxyapatite, and silver ions are used to make coating antibacterial.
14 June 2018

TPU best graduates receive awards at Governor reception

Graduates with honors (‘A’ grades) from eight Tomsk universities were awarded in the presence of regional administration, rectors of all universities, and Tomsk employers.
13 June 2018

TPU Professor awarded Global Energy Prize

The scientist is recognized for research and developments in thermophysics that enabled the creation of modern energy saving equipment.
09 June 2018

Tomsk Polytechnic University confidently advancing in QS World University Rankings

Tomsk Polytechnic University demonstrated confident moving towards the upper steps of the rating and advanced by 13 lines to 373rd position.
07 June 2018

MSU and TPU sign cooperation agreement on chemistry

TPU and MSU chemists are going to develop promising research in the field of chemistry, biomedicine and chemical technology.
06 June 2018

Tomsk Polytechnic University advances to 8th in National University Rankings in Russia

TPU has improved its position by two points in the National University Rankings 2018 released on Tuesday.
05 June 2018
05 June 2018

Tomsk Polytechnic University in top 3 most international universities in Russia

In the THE International Student Table 2018 which is a global list of 200 universities with the most international students TPU takes third place in Russia.
18 May 2018

A ‘fingerprinting’ technology for containers with nuclear materials and wastes

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University proposed a technology to monitor access to containers with nuclear materials and wastes.
17 May 2018