TPU Wins 2 Mega-grants of Russian Government to Research New Materials for Medicine and Green Chemistry

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation announced the results of the eighth mega-grant competition to support research conducted under the supervision of leading scientists. Tw...
08 December 2020

Most powerful and mildest reagents obtained based on eco-friendly iodine

A collaboration of chemists from Tomsk Polytechnic University, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, and France has developed a line of polyvalent iodine-based reagents for organic synthesis.
05 July 2019

A world-famous chemist develops a green nanocatalyst school in Tomsk

TPU scientists led by the Belgian professor Francis Verpoort have created a zirconium-based nanocase catalyst accelerating chemical processes many-folds and at obtaining advanced materials. 
21 January 2019

Zinc to replace expensive palladium in organic synthesis of novel compounds

Scientists from TPU and France received a joint grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the National Center for Scientific Research, France.
20 August 2018

The university researchers propose new catalysts based on silver nanoparticles for more ecological and efficient oxidation of alcohols

These new catalysts based on silver nanoparticles will allow making the process of alcohol oxidation more ecological and cost-effective, comparing with more traditional high-temperature gas-phase oxid...
26 July 2018

A novel way to synthesize antioxidant substances

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University have proposed a novel way to address the most important and fundamental challenge of organic chemistry, i.e. breaking a bond between carbon and hydrogen at...
12 December 2017

Preclinical trials of radiopharmaceutical for cancer diagnosis

A radiopharmaceutical for advanced identification of cancer, labeled with the technetium-99 isotope, is ready for the preclinical-phase trial. Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk Resea...
26 May 2017

Future Chemistry Network Center established in TPU

Future Chemistry Network Center was presented at Tomsk Polytechnic University on 10 May 2017. The Center was established by TPU chemists and their international colleagues – leading experts in G...
12 May 2017

Foreign scientists to lecture on green chemistry

Tomsk Polytechnic University will host a delegation of leading international and Russian scientists in the field of green chemistry. They are specialists from Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Belg...
10 May 2017