TPU first water treatment facility of a new model to work in the Tomsk Oblast

Specialists of Tomsk Polytechnic University upgraded water treatment and purification facilities produced for installation in remote settlements of the Tomsk Oblast under the framework of the governor...
25 July 2019

Water treatment through droplets exploding

A novel thermal method could reduce the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment and save a lot of power expenses required for water purification.
18 April 2018

Kazakhstan to take advantage of TPU water treatment facility and solar panel control system

The World Exhibition EXPO 2017, mainly devoted to the Future Energy, is held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The research developments of Tomsk Polytechnic University, the only academic exhibitor as part of th...
23 August 2017

Tube for water treatment can be taken on hikes

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University have designed a device for high performance water treatment within the extreme and field conditions. The device presented in the form of a small tube is ai...
25 April 2017