Extra points for the portfolio and one round: the Breakthrough Olympiad for future TPU graduates will be held with new rules

Registration for the Olympiad "Breakthrough" has begun.Future graduate students from various universities of Russia and the CIS countries can take part in the Olympiad. This year there will be some ne...
28 December 2019

Over 1,300 students enrolled in TPU master programs

Tomsk Polytechnic University has enrolled students in 33 master programs.
22 August 2019

Students from 15 countries completed a unique pre-master and pre-PhD academic program

Students from 15 countries including Hungary, Ecuador, Malaysia were trained for master and PhD programs in Russian at Tomsk Polytechnic University. 
02 August 2019

TPU graduate students hired by RSC Energia

Five graduate students of the program Space Materials Technology defended their master theses successfully and got jobs in the aerospace industry.
25 June 2019

Foreign winners of Open Doors Olympiad to study for master degree for free

Registration of participants in the Open Doors Olympiad is open.
30 November 2018

Over 1,400 people enrolled in master programs at Tomsk Polytechnic University

The student community of TPU was replenished by people from Russia, all CIS countries and 30 countries from far abroad.
22 August 2018

Winners of Physical Battle for internships at world’s leading research centers

The Research School of High Energy Physics ran the Physical Battle for its future master and PhD students.
06 July 2018

British defense of DD master projects

Graduate students from the DD master program jointly run by TPU and Heriot-Watt University (UK) defended their group research projects devoted to oil production.
27 June 2018

Nuclear internship of international students

International students from Tomsk Polytechnic University have taken a research internship based on operating enterprises of Rosatom in the city of Volgodonsk. TPU students got acquainted with Atommash...
15 February 2018

New Master's Program: Mechanical Engineering and Innovation

Tomsk Polytechnic University has launched a new Master’s Program in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation in September 2017. The program allows getting two diplomas for 2.5 years of study. &n...
03 August 2017

Development of Novel X-ray Technology by TPU Graduate in Germany

Margarita Zakharova, TPU graduate of the Institute of Physics and Technology, will work on the creation of new optical elements for X-ray radiation at the Institute of Microtechnology, Karlsruhe Insti...
17 July 2017

The First Masters in Nuclear Power Plants Operation from India, Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana Graduated from TPU

Tomsk Polytechnic University prepared the first masters in Nuclear Power Plants Operation. The program in English was developed by TPU upon request of Rosatom to ensure training of nuclear specialists...
30 June 2017

TPU launches master program Big Data Solutions

This year Tomsk Polytechnic University launches a new master program Big Data Solutions, delivered in English, within the program Computer Engineering. The graduates of the program will be world-...
18 May 2017

TPU and RSC Energia launch master program in space materials science

On 16 May, Tomsk Polytechnic University and Rocket and Space Corporation Energia jointly launched a unique master program Technology of Space Materials Science.  Yuri Borovikov, TPU Vice-R...
17 May 2017