Experts discuss disposal of radioactive waste at the TPU workshop

Leading Russian and international scientists discussed various aspects of the disposal of radioactive waste. During the event, experts discussed both the development of this area as a whole and possib...
24 July

From Salvador to Tomsk: how a chemical engineer from Brazil finds a new profession at TPU

Tassia Macedo Queiroz told the university press-office how she, the only girl from Brazil, by way of competition was enrolled in a unique program and how important it is to follow your dream.
18 July

First Russian-speaking graduates of nuclear installation operation program in English

This summer, a group of 11 Russian-speaking students and several international students will graduate from English-taught Master’s program in Nuclear Power Installation Operation.
17 June

Industrial partners to help TPU students develop competencies for successful employment

The first meeting of industrial partners was held at the TPU School of Nuclear Science & Engineering.
10 June

TPU develops cooperation with Tsinghua University, BRICS best university

The delegation from Tomsk Polytechnic University headed by Rector Petr Chubik has visited Tsinghua University and conducted talks on cooperation with Vice-Rector for External Affairs Professor Shi Yig...
14 December 2017

Russia’s first texbook on nuclear technology in Spanish

Publishing house of Tomsk Polytechnic University has published Russia’s first textbook on nuclear physics in Spanish. The book called Basics of Nuclear Technology is the first written and adapte...
20 July 2017