Time of the first ones: about 3,000 TPU freshmen celebrate Knowledge Day

A big festive concert under the motto ‘Time of the First Ones!’ was held at the Palace of Sports.
03 September 2019
02 September 2019

TPU best freshmen receive student’s books and student’s cards at the solemn reception

A festive celebration of the Day of Knowledge was held for TPU freshmen.
03 September 2018

Day of Knowledge for 3,000 TPU freshmen in Palace of Spectacles and Sports

TPU freshmen will celebrate 1st September at the Palace of Spectacles and Sports.
31 August 2018

Over 250 TPU students to participate in the Tomich Day procession

TPU freshmen are invited to participate in the student procession on the Tomich Day.
16 August 2018

TPU completes enrollment to undergraduate programs

Over 1,500 freshmen from Russia and abroad were enrolled to bachelor and specialist programs.
15 August 2018

TPU enrolls over 900 freshmen within the first wave

Tomsk Polytechnic University has enrolled 944 people within the first admission wave. They are applicants enrolled in on budgetary basis according to the general admission policy. Orders for admission...
04 August 2017