TPU Scientists: Wheat Bran is Fine for Fuel

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University have discovered that fusible wheat bran combined with additives can be used as fuel. It could help to reduce greenhouse gases and the number of landfills, as...
30 April

TPU Scientists Produce Cheap and High-Quality Gasoline

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have discovered how to produce high-quality gasoline of all standards from by-products of gas production.
26 April

TPU scientists conduct a series of experiments with emulsified biofuels in France

In September, Prof. Pavel Strizhak and Associate Prof. Roman Volkov of the University Research School of High Energy Physics conducted a series of experiments at the University of Nantes (France).
17 October 2019

Molecular modeling at TPU helps Russia to develop the Arctic territory

The study of the university researcher Evgenia Frantsina dedicated to molecular modeling in hydrocarbons will bring scientific community closer to the creation of an advanced frost-resistant fuel.
06 August 2018

'Waste' fuel

A research team from Tomsk Polytechnic University is studying how industrial and domestic wastes can be used to create new types of composite fuels. The project is supported by the RF President Schola...
09 February 2018