Scientists Propose New Optical Switch for High-Speed Computers

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University jointly with their colleagues from Great Britain have proposed a physical concept of a new optical switch that forces to change light wave guidance. The swi...
19 July 2021

Curved Plasmonic Fluxes Reveal New Way to Practical Light Manipulation within Nanoscal

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University jointly with Russian colleagues and researchers from Technical University of Denmark the first time have experimentally proved the existence of a two-dimen...
31 March 2021

Scientists design an antenna to accelerate 5G networks

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University together with their Russian and Japanese colleagues have designed an antenna for 5G networks that will accelerate the rate of Internet data transfer.
12 August 2019

Scientists proposed a novel configuration of nanoscopes

TPU scientists proposed using special diffraction gratings with gold plates instead of microlenses to accelerate the generation of images from nanoscopes.
20 May 2019

Russian and Chinese scientists found a way to increase the resolution of nanoscopes by 10 times

They proposed using nanohole-structured microspheres. Light is focused in the nanohole. It plays the role of a kind of additional lens.
15 February 2019

Experiments verify the phenomenon of a photonic hook

In 2018, scientists theoretically predicted the existence of the photonic hook, then proved this effect for plasmons. Now they managed to practically observe the curved beam using a scanning system.
01 February 2019

Photonic hook plasmon: scientists obtain a new class of curved beams for biosensors and nanoparticle control

The obtained photonic plasmon hook is much smaller than the Airy rays. The curvature of beams is close to the size of the plasmon wavelength, which makes it possible to use it at the nanoscale.  
25 October 2018

A tunable laser to enable bioimaging within an ultra-wide spectral range

Researchers from Tomsk Polytechnic University presented a novel technology for widely tunable and highly stable ultrafast fiber lasers.
14 May 2018

Scientists Set to Boost Microscopes’ Magnifying Power

The resolution and intensity of powerful nanoscopes could be enhanced by over 30% via non-spherical particle lenses.
26 April 2018

‘Photonic hook’: TPU scientists obtain new type of curved light beam

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University together with colleagues from Great Britain, Israel, the ITMO University (Russia) and other Russian universities demonstrated a new type of artificially cu...
16 March 2018