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Tomsk is clearly visible on the European educational map

At the first TPU International Week, specialists of international offices of Asian and European universities discussed issues related to internationalization of education, main academic trends and cha...

World-class university to solve global challenges

Tomsk universities and research institutes discussed options of academic and research cooperation at a strategic session on the project Big University.
11 December

Universities from all around the world come to know Tomsk and Russian higher education under TPU umbrella

For the first time, Tomsk Polytechnic University will host the large-scale international seminar – TPU International Week 2019. This inter-university event is held to provide Asian and European univer...
06 December

TPU develops the largest robotic ultrasound tomograph for ITER megaproject

Specialists of Tomsk Polytechnic University developed the largest robotic ultrasound tomograph in Russia, capable to test the quality of complex-shaped objects weighing up to 1.5 tons.
05 December

Conductors, monorail, elevated bus and other ways to optimize Tomsk routes via Big Data technologies

The international research school the Smart City Transport — Innovating Sustainable Solutions Using Big Data closed at TPU.
04 December

TPU Professor receives National Award Women in Science

L'OREAL-UNESCO Women in Science Award was held in Moscow. Evgeniya Sheremet, Professor of the TPU Research School of High-Energy Physics, was among the ten winners.
03 December

International specialists study Tomsk practices in cancer treatment

On November 28, international scientists and specialists of national atomic energy agencies and universities of the Rosatom partner countries, who were enrolled in a professional development program a...
02 December

Science Star, monorail and reactor for heating: ideas of Tomsk students for new inter-university campus

The student teams from six Tomsk universities presented their concepts of a new inter-university campus at the UNI4CITY international student platform.
29 November

TPU student win in all-Russia project - Knowledge League. Natural Intelligence

Alexander Kornev, a student of Tomsk Polytechnic University, won in the fourth all-Russia intellectual and educational project – Knowledge League. Natural Intelligence over 11.5 thousand people from a...
28 November

Russian and Finnish students to find ways to optimize Tomsk routes via Big Data technologies

Tomsk Polytechnic University is hosting the International Scientific School Smart City Transport — Innovating Sustainable Solutions Using Big Data, which has brought together international student tea...
27 November

President of Russian Academy of Science underlines TPU effective collaboration with industries

Alexander Sergeyev, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), who visited Tomsk on a working trip, and Governor Sergey Zhvachkin paid an official visit to the Science Park of Tomsk Polytechn...
26 November

TPU project on development of agent molecules for cancer diagnosis and treatment win Megagrant

The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced the results of the seventh competition on the megagrants to support studies carried out by leading scientists.
25 November

TPU students propose new method to collect and classify personal data through convolutional neural network

A student team of Tomsk Polytechnic University has developed and proposed a new way to collect and classify personal data via a bracelet using a convolutional neural network at the hackathon Rabochie...
22 November

TPU young scientist participate in experiment searches for dark matter axions

Andrey Kolomeytsev, an assistant at the TPU Division for Electronic Engineering, has returned from an internship at the Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research of the Institute for Basic Scien...
21 November