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Green Energy Transition is Topic of Hydrogen Conference at TPU

On October 25, Hydrogen. Technology. Future, the II All-Russian Conference with international participation started at Tomsk Polytechnic University.
26 October

TPU Scientists Win Russian and German Grants to Search for Dibaryons and to Create New Alloys for Implants

Two research teams of Tomsk Polytechnic University have won in the joint grant competition of the Russian Science Foundation and the German Research Foundation (DFG).
22 October

Monument to First Graduates of TPU Installed in Downtown Tomsk

A sculptural composition to a student of the first graduation has been installed next to the historical TPU Chemical Building (43A Lenina Avenue). An unveiling of the monument was held on October 15.
20 October

Students from Chili, Peru, Angola and Slovakia Learn Russian in Online Classes at TPU

Professors of the TPU Division for Russian Language have given another series of online classes in Russian for international students, interested in Russian culture and willing to study in Russia.
19 October

TPU Scientists Find New Method to Obtain Photonic Hook

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University jointly with their colleagues from the universities of Great Britain and Taiwan have proposed a new method how to obtain a photonic hook, a new type of an ar...
18 October

MXene Grafting: TPU Scientists Find Simple and Efficient Method to Enhance Stability of Two-Dimensional Materials

Chemists of Tomsk Polytechnic University jointly with their colleagues from the Czech Republic have developed a new method for the MXene surface modification and solved the problem of their instabilit...
14 October

TPU Professor Conferred Ordre des Palmes Academiques

Vladimir An, Professor of the Kizhner Research Center of the TPU School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, has been conferred the Ordre des Palmes academiques (Order of Academic Palms), the oldes...
12 October

TPU Scientists Study How to Adjust MXene Properties

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University jointly with their colleagues from China have conducted an extensive analysis of the latest data in processing MXenes, new two-dimensional inorganic material...
08 October

TPU Scientist: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 Awarded for Method Made Organic Synthesis More Environmentally Friendly

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 has been awarded jointly to Benjamin List and David W.C. MacMillan for their development of a new tool for molecular construction — the development of asymmetric orga...
07 October

TPU Receives Special Grant as Research University within Priority 2030

Tomsk Polytechnic University has passed the additional selection for receiving a special grant within the Priority 2030 program. The selection results were officially announced on October 5. In accord...
06 October

Mobile Application for International Enrollees and Students Developed at TPU

The Division for Russian Language of the TPU School of Core Engineering Education with the support of the Division for Information Technology of the TPU School of Computer Science and Robotics have de...
05 October

Leading Technical Universities of Russia Discuss Transformation of Engineering Education at U-NOVUS’2021

The transformation of engineering education in Russia became a key topic of a round table that was held within U-NOVUS’2021, a forum of young scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University on September 29...
04 October

TPU to Cooperate with Largest Medical Research Center of Russia

Tomsk Polytechnic University has concluded an agreement on research cooperation with the Meshalkin National Medical Research Center. Jointly with one of the largest multifunctional research, clinical...
30 September

TPU Enters Priority 2030 and Claims to Win Special Grant

Tomsk Polytechnic University has been selected for the Priority 2030 program. Priority 2030 is the largest national program to support the development of universities in post-Soviet Russia. TPU entere...
29 September

TPU Scientists Develop Biodegradable Polymer Accelerating Tissue Regeneration

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University jointly with their colleagues from the University of Aveiro (Portugal) and a number of some overseas universities have developed a polymeric material combini...
28 September