TPU Defends its Roadmap for 2017

Last Friday the International Council on Global Competitiveness Enhancement of Russian Universities among Global Leading Research and Education Centers held a meeting in Moscow chaired by the RF Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. Tomsk Polytechnic University reported on its major achievements in 2016 and successfully defended its Action Plan on the Implementation of Competitiveness Enhancement Program (Roadmap) for 2017.

The Roadmap was presented by TPU Rector Petr Chubik, Vice-Rector for External Affairs Liliya Kiryanova, Head of Laboratory of the Institute of Non-Destructive Testing Prof. Vladimir Vavilov, Deputy Director of Tomsk National Research Medical Center Vladimir Chernov, TPU professor and assistant of the Department of Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants of the Institute of Power Engineering Konstantin Slyusarskiy.

The report highlighted measures undertaken by TPU to ensure sufficient control of both the university development as such and its structural units functioning as research and education institutes. The university also shared its actions related to new educational programs, attraction of talented students and researchers, establishment of strategic academic units (StrAU), alongside with development of academic, scientific and social infrastructure.

Three large research projects of TPU were presented to the Council. These are short-term projects where the university is able to achieve substantial breakthrough results.

The project Nuclear Technologies for Individual Theranostics of Disseminated Cancer Types is aimed at development and certification of unique methods of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases through radiopharmaceuticals and betatron-based diagnostic and therapeutic facility. The project Breakthrough Technologies of Additive Manufacturing and Non-Destructive Testing for Heat-Resistance Composite Materials in Extreme Conditions is aimed at design of heat-resistant materials, as well as new defect-free manufacturing aerospace technologies capable to operate in reactive oxidizing environments. The third project Integrated Technology for Conversion of Solid Fuels with Increased Energy Efficiency and Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions is aimed at unique technologies to produce electrical energy out of generated gas (coal gasification product), thus minimizing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Commenting on presentation results, TPU Rector Petr Chubik said:

“We value all comments and opinions expressed by international and Russian experts of the Council regarding TPU Roadmap. As early as October 2017 we will have to report to the Council and defend the Roadmap for 2020.

We presented our activities to respected experts, we strongly appreciated their comments and recommendations that we will definitely take into account in the future. In general, the Council acknowledged the development paths of the university and wished us success.”