Best Nonmetropolitan University in Russian Science Foundation Competition for Grants

The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) has selected the winners in the competition for funding of projects conducted by individual research teams in 2017 and for the extension of the projects supported in 2014. According to the results, Tomsk Polytechnic University became the best non-metropolitan university in Russia. In 2017, the Foundation will fund 7 TPU research projects. The total funding amounts to 42 million rubles.

Each TPU research team will receive six million rubles to implement its project in 2017-2019.  This year support is allocated to the research teams supervised by

  • Prof. Oleg Khasanov, Head of the Department of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, Director of Innovation Centre for Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, for the project Development of Luminescent Nanostructured Ceramics Based on Alumomagnesium Spinel and Cubic Zirconium Dioxide with Adjustable Optical Characteristics;
  • Prof. Gennady Remnev, Head of Laboratory №1 of Institute of High Technology Physics, for the project Collective Ion Acceleration in a System with Plasma-Filled Electron Diode;
  • Prof. Vladimir Vavilov, Head of Thermal Control Methods Lab №34 , for the project Design of a Method and Equipment for Dynamic Thermal Imaging of Composite Materials;
  • Prof. Sergey Gyngasov, leading research fellow of Electronics, Semiconductors and Dielectrics Research Laboratory, for the project Creation of Physics Basics for Manufacturing of Zirconium Dioxide-Based Composite Nanoceramics with Predictable Strength and Functional Properties, Including Gradient Ceramics, Using Radiation Methods.
  • Prof. Igor Stepanov, Deputy Director for Development of Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, for the project A Novel Microfocus Source of Inhibitory Gamma Radiation Based on Compact Betatron with an Internal Microtarget for High-Resolution Tomography;
  • Prof. Aleksandr Ryabchikov, Head of Laboratory №22 of Institute of High Technology Physics for the project Development of Scientific Foundations for Extremely High-Dose Ion Implantation by Highly Intensive Low Energy Ion Beams;
  • Prof. Dmitri Atochin, Head of the Tomsk RASA Center Laboratory for Neuroprotection for the project New Inhibitors of c-Jun-N-Terminal Kinases (JNK) for Protection from Ischemic and Reperfusion Injuries.

Another two-year extension was awarded to a research team that received funding in 2014. The research team headed by Prof. Gennady Evtushenko, Department of Industrial and Medical Electronics, has received 10 million rubles for the period of 2017-2018 to continue the project High-Speed Illumination Amplifiers on Transition in Metal Vapors.

“Taking into account previously funded and implemented projects, Tomsk Polytechnic University will be supported by the Russian Science Foundation in the amount of 142 million rubles in 2017,” commented Denis Kurtenkov, Head of TPU Scientific and Technological Programs Office.