TPU students - winners of All-Russian Youth Competition in Science and Engineering Creativity

Moscow International Education Fair 2017 is considered one of the major events in the Russian educational sector: an open forum and the largest exhibition displaying advanced educational technologies and innovative projects of the country. This year, the Fair brought together over 30 countries, 600 activities, 4, 500 speakers, and 25, 000 visitors. TPU students Alexander Petrusev, Nikita Toropkov and Nikita Antonkin became the winners of the All-Russian Youth Competition in Science and Engineering Creativity (YCSE).

Photo: Minister of Education and Science Olga Vasilieva net to the exhibition stand.


All-Russian Youth Competition in Science and Engineering Creativity has been held for 50 years, since 1967. Its key objective is to identify and support talented young people, promote engineering education and attract the youth to engineering creativity and research. The competition is open for students and young specialists under the age of 25 who may present their own research works as well team works, developments and projects. Applications are assessed by the experts from educational institutions and business sectors.

Olga Pasko, TPU Professor, who participated in the Moscow International Salon of Education, said that this year the competition was marked with a large number of applications; besides, the format of the event was changed and is now mainly focused on project activities.

“Projects were assessed, first of all, taking into account the possibility of their implementation and market demand,” Olga Pasko noted.

More than 900 projects from 68 regions were reviewed, 120 projects participated in all rounds. According to the results of the first round, 7 out of 18 TPU projects were selected for the finale. 10 applications were from Tomsk. TPU projects were nominated as Information Technology, Medicine and Biotechnology, New Manufacturing Technology and Energy.”

Photo: YCSE expert, TPU Professor Olga Pasko assessing projects.


The following students became the winners of the YCSE – 2017:

In the field of Energy and Technological Entrepreneurship nomination – Alexander Petrusev, a four-year student of the Institute of Power Engineering presenting the Energy-Efficient Solar Installations. His scientific supervisor is Boris Lukutin, Professor of the Department of Industrial Electric Power Supply, Institute of Power Engineering.

Photo: Alexander Petrusev testing his solar panel.


In the field of Medicine and Biotechnology Nikita Toropkov and Nikita Antonkin presenting their Development of 3D-Printing Technology for Bioresorbable Implants. Their scientific supervisor is Tatiana Petrovskaya, Professor of the Department of Silicate and Nanomaterials Technology, Institute of High Technology Physics.

Photo: Nikita Toropkov presenting his project.


In addition, five TPU students received the YCSE certificates for their participation in this event. Professor Pasko was praised by the Ministry of Education and Science for the high-level expertise of the 2017 YCSE projects.

At the opening ceremony the cosmonaut Sergey Revin told about the Space Lesson (held in Tomsk), young engineers designing research programs in the near-earth orbit and 3D-printing parts for the spacecraft.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Veniamin Kaganov emphasized that he is a member of Tomsk Educational Cluster. A training simulator VIRTUAL GEO. TPU Geology Polygon was very popular among future geologists. 

Photo: TPU virtual geology polygon in Khakasia.