New Master's Program: Mechanical Engineering and Innovation

Tomsk Polytechnic University has launched a new Master’s Program in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation in September 2017. The program allows getting two diplomas for 2.5 years of study.


The Master’s Program is based on the Automation of Technological Processes and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering courses of the Institute of Cybernetics and the Entrepreneurship in Innovation of the Institute of Humanities and Social Technologies.


In the first year of study students will receive training in Mechanical Engineering.

They should start an interdisciplinary research work with the elements of innovation and project management.

In the second year of study students will be trained within two areas working on the interdisciplinary tasks and implementing real innovative projects in the field of mechanical engineering.

The minor course in the field of Entrepreneurship in Innovation is aimed at developing competences in strategic project management, business process and human resources management, feasibility study in innovation, commercialization of innovative products and marketing of innovation.

‘The demand for graduates of the coordinated program in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation is expected to be high among leading machine-building enterprises, innovative enterprises and design bureaus.

They will not only be highly-qualified specialists in mechanical engineering, but also be capable of generating new ideas, solve non-standard tasks and promote innovative products to the market of engineering developments,’ explains Ass. Prof. Stepan Khachin, Head of the Department of Engineering Entrepreneurship.   


The program is delivered in Russian. Application deadline for the nationals of Russia and CIS countries is 9 August 2017. Applicants of the program should submit their documents to the Admission Office of the Institute of Cybernetics for Mechanical Engineering Program.


Call the Central Admission Office: +7 3822 706-406, 701- 602 (for Russian speakers)