TPU volunteer projects participate in the national competition

At the website Volunteers of Russia, there is an open voting for projects participating in the All-Russian Competition for Volunteer Initiatives I Want to Do Good. Among 20 projects from the Tomsk Region, there are two projects of Tomsk Polytechnic University.



The application deadline was 10 January 2018. The projects and initiatives of the competition are divided into the following categories: Care and Attention, Culture and Arts, Education, New Media, and Civic Participation.


As a result, 20 projects represented the Tomsk Region, two of which are from Tomsk Polytechnic University: The Best Student Team 2018 and I’m the Donor. TPU projects compete in the categories Civic Participation and Care and Attention.


The Best Student Team is a project, which provides each TPU member with an opportunity to join the team movement. The team consisting of newcomers and experienced tutors clean the snow within the Snow Watch action and help Tomsk elderly people.


Besides, the volunteers take part in creative contests: festivals of songs and dances, and video competitions.


Volunteer actions for blood donation are held at TPU twice a year. They are attended by not only students, faculty and staff of Tomsk Polytechnic University, but also by representatives of other Tomsk universities, as well as by interested citizens. During the last donor action, over 80 Tomsk citizens donated their blood.



In order to participate in the voting, you should sign up via your account on the social network Vkontakte. To find out more about the initiatives of the Tomsk Region and to vote, please click the following link.

The voting is open up to February 4. The jury will determine winners in each category. 500 best projects will be supported with grants.