Nuclear internship of international students

International students from Tomsk Polytechnic University have taken a research internship based on operating enterprises of Rosatom in the city of Volgodonsk. TPU students got acquainted with Atommash, studied the production of equipment for nuclear power plants and much more.



TPU designed the master program Nuclear Power Installations Operation through the request of Rosatom to train nuclear specialists from partner countries of the corporation. the program is delivered in English. Both foreign and Russian nationals going to pursue their career in international companies or abroad are eligible for the program.


‘The program Nuclear Power Installations Operation has no analogues as all international students partly study at Russia’s only operating research nuclear reactor of Tomsk Polytechnic University. In the framework of practical and laboratory training at the reactor the international students got an idea of the functioning of the main units and technology systems of the nuclear facility, as well as studied capabilities of a special software for calculating of active zones of nuclear reactors.


In February-March 2018 international students from Tomsk Polytechnic University take internship at the operating enterprises of Rosatom for the first time,’

says Oleg Dolmatov, Director of the School of Nuclear Science & Engineering.



An interesting practical training agenda on the basis of Resource Center in Volgodonsk, AEM Technologies (a subsidiary of Atommash), the enterprises of the Volgodonsk Industrial Cluster of Nuclear Engineering was prepared for 13 TPU students from China, India, Ghana, Nigeria, and Tanzania.


The master students were able to get a close acquaintance with the main production of the Atommash subsidiary, studied in detail a technological process for manufacturing equipment for nuclear power plants. Besides, under the supervision of experienced engineers, the students studied the design features of the PGG-1000M steam generator, the housings of the reactor, the compensator of pressure and accumulator of SAOZ in full-scale samples.


During practical training TPU students also got acquainted with the operation of the AEM-Technologies Centralized Plant Laboratory and quality testing of NPP equipment in the production process.



In particular, the students conducted studies by eddy current, ultrasonic, and capillary tests on a full-scale steam generator sample. Practical training on quality testing of NPP equipment was organized on the Volgodonsk Industrial Cluster of Nuclear Engineering.