LAPP opens first in Russia Competence Center at TPU

On the 122nd anniversary of Tomsk Polytechnic University, LAPP opened the first research center for electrotechnical materials in Russia.  The center is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities and will serve the platform for training undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students of TPU.

Photo: LAPP Educational and Scientific Center

At the solemn opening, the rector Petr Chubik said that the University and LAPP have long-lasting relationships.  A cooperation agreement was signed in 2005.  In 2007, the LAPP training and qualification center was opened, the main objective of which was to train students and to improve skills of specialists in cable engineering.  Over the years, over 200 specialists upgraded their skills, including representatives from Gazprom and its subsidiaries, Rosneft, Roscosmos, Transneft, Surgutneftegaz, companies in machine building, power and cable industries.   Over this time, LAPP’s sponsorship amounted to about 20 million rubles.

‘Today we celebrate the 122nd anniversary. TPU received a special birthday gift, i.e. the unique research center equipped with advanced testing equipment that makes it possible to test both ready-made cable products and their parts.  It will also be possible not only to test the quality of released products but also to develop products with advanced characteristics.

We are proud of the fact that there is no similar center in Russia. This will allow us to train exclusive specialists and conduct unmatched studies.

We are ushering a new round of relationships with LAPP - one of the world’s leaders in the cable industry.  The extent of trust to us has increased,’ emphasized Petr Chubik.

In his turn, the director of OOO LAPP Russia (a subsidiary in Russia) Pavel Malyshev added that the company is satisfied with a long-term cooperation with Tomsk Polytechnic University and is willing to further develop it.

‘The only university department related to cable products is located in Tomsk. There is another in Moscow, but such synergy and mutual understanding which emerged 10 years ago we reached only in Tomsk.

Cooperation with TPU has already given a lot to us and we want to develop this direction and bring new ideas to the people’s minds.  For example, all conductive materials are already known but the need for information and power transfer is increasing.  Consequently, someone has to produce a new material that will cause a furor in the market. Perhaps, it will be our joint project,’ he said.

Pavel Malyshev also congratulated Tomsk Polytechnic on the 122nd anniversary and wished it further prosperity and growth. Petr Chubik awarded him a second-degree medal For Participation in Development of Tomsk Polytechnic University and offered to join the Council of Industrial Partners of the School of Energy & Power Engineering.

It should be noted that the Competence Center at Tomsk Polytechnic University is equipped with the most advanced certified equipment that allows studying electrical and mechanical properties of insulation, sheath and conductors of cables and wires (resistance, conductivity, capacitance, dielectric losses, AC and DC strength, microscopic studies, service life and reliability indicators for thermal and electrical aging, etc).

Globally, there are five research centers established by LAPP: Stuttgart (Germany; company headquarters), Alabama (USA), Delhi Technical University (India); Technical University of Bucharest (Romania) and TPU.