TPU representatives participating in Arctic Partner Forum 2018

The delegation of Tomsk Polytechnic University headed by Rector Petr Chubik will work three days at the Arctic Partner Forum 2018 (APF 2018) in Stockholm.  The forum is devoted to Cryosphere-Carbon-Climate Interactions in the Siberian Arctic Ocean: Current State of our Research Collaboration and Future Directions.

Photo: Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the member of the Nobel Committee, the professor of Stockholm University Örjan Gustafsson at the opening of the forum.

Among others, the forum is organized by TPU Professor Igor Semiletov, LRF of TPU Natalia Shakhova, the member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the member of the Nobel Committee, the professor of Stockholm University Örjan Gustafsson, Professor Leif Anderson from the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and other eminent scientists.

On the first day of the forum, Igor Semiletov reported on the Russian Megagrant scope and 2018-2019 ship expeditions.  TPU Rector talked about the International Arctic Siberian Scientific Center at TPU: current state and prospects for development, which was established at TPU in November 2016 during the International Arctic Forum.  Natalia Shakhova told about Subsea permafrost degradation and methane release in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf.

Within the forum, the scientists will hold a series of meetings devoted to current projects. The representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Tomsk Polytechnic University will discuss common issues.  At the individual meeting, leaders of Stockholm University and Tomsk Polytechnic University will exchange their vision of Earth Sciences and the Environment.  A dedicated session is devoted to the results of the SWERUS-C3 program.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Russian-Swedish research program, which started over 15 years ago, is focused on the study of cryosphere-carbon-climate interaction in the Siberian Arctic.  In the framework of the collaboration a number of large research programs have already been implemented to date, including the International Siberian Shelf Studies (ISSS), Swedish-Russian-US Investigation of Cryosphere-Carbon-Climate Interactions in the East Siberian Arctic Ocean (SWERUS-C3) and others. The study of the carbon cycle and its interaction with permafrost degradation and the destruction of methane hydrates becomes today one of the critical issues in climate research and Earth sciences.  Therefore, activities of the scientific consortium are supported at the international level, the RF Ministry of Education and Science and the European Research Council (ERC) allocate funding for its projects. The Russian Academy of Sciences, Tomsk Polytechnic University, public research foundations of Sweden, Russia, Great Britain, and Switzerland actively sustain the scientists financially.

‘We need partner meetings for the program to develop dynamically and successfully,’ note the forum organizers. ‘The first meeting was held at TPU in November 2016.  It was then when a strategic resolution on the establishment of the International Arctic Siberian Scientific Center on the basis of Tomsk Polytechnic University was signed.  It was a new stage of cooperation.

Such forums provide unique opportunities for participants to meet face-to-face that greatly facilitates planning and compiling numerous joint research papers based on data of scientific expeditions of previous years.  In addition, forums imply working on joint projects in small teams and potential engagement of new scientific partners. The participants will also be able to determine further trajectories of joint work for the coming years.’

Photo: International Arctic Forum, November 2016.